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  1. link Wildflowers110
    Wine and plavix
    Has anyone had problems having a glass of wine or two on plavix
    Wildflowers110- over a year ago - in Plavix
  2. link Wildflowers110
    Plavix experience
    First day on plavix disoriented and tired
    Wildflowers110- over a year ago - in Plavix
  3. link Ilbvacumin
    plavix side effect
    Can taking plavix cause you to have neuropothy in hands or fingers
    Ilbvacumin- over a year ago - in Plavix
  4. link Msjade44
    Plavix/Nexium Interaction
    My pharmacist told me to take my Plavix 13-14 hours after taking Nexium. I had a stroke 10 days ago(09/21/10) and was given tPA. It reversed the stroke effects which were right side paralysis and speech change along with memory loss (short term) and - 66% more...
    Msjade44- over a year ago - in Plavix
  5. link Johnwright
    Plavix plavix 75mg, foot ulcer, trinity hospital, dipple, dizzy spell
    On 4/11/10 I had what I thought was bad gas pains in my chest. On 4/12/10 I went into hyperbaric theropy for a foot ulcer and was still having chest pains. The nurses had me walk over to The Emergency Room at Trinity Hospital and they stated after se - 86% more...
    Johnwright- over a year ago - in Plavix
  6. link Em1974mor
    Plavix headaches and nausea, patient surgery, shortness of breath, flu, heart
    I had out patient surgery and was taken off PLAVIX for 10 days. I feel tired like the flu and body aches. I feel shortness of breath my heart racing fast headaches and nausea.
    Em1974mor- over a year ago - in Plavix
  7. link Mjh
    Plavix blood thinners, difficulty breathing, headaches, plavix, chest xray
    I am having difficulty breathing. I have been on plavix for 3 months and the entire time have had this problem. There is pressure and it is hard to get my breath. It gets worse if I try to move around more. It comes on like an attack. I also get bad - 40% more...
    Mjh- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Plavix
  8. link Mjh
    Yes, I had to stay on it for 15 months. Felt like a new person when they took me off of it. If you do not stay on it for a year, the stent can clog up. I went through a million tests and they could not find anything wrong...even put me in the hospita - 67% more...
    Mjh- over a year ago
  9. link Debsfancys43
    I have the same problem I have a stent and then they put me on Plavix I feel worst than before the stent was placed My Dr. has sent me for tests and chest xray and even gave me a breathing test they said its not the meds but now that I see your comme - 28% more...
    Debsfancys43- over a year ago
  10. link Eliassweden
    I got Plavix after a heartoperation on the 17:th of november. Since then I have had headaches and I am very tired after 6 pm. I shall meat my doctor again on the 21:t of January. We will see what he has to say about the problem.
    Eliassweden- over a year ago
  11. link Zteacher85
    Plavix prevelant, chest pains, thighs, rash on, anxiety
    I am a 53 year old female. I recently was hospitalized due to chest pains. After being released from the hospital, my doctor placed me on Plavix. I now have a fine rash on my arms and thighs. It seems to be more prevalent at night. It doesn't itch mu - 28% more...
    Zteacher85- over a year ago - in Plavix
  12. link Agingdem
    plavix and edema
    I was on plavix for 10 days and experienced shortness of breath, body aches, and lethargy. I went off it and the breathing problem disappeared, however, my calves and ankles that because of the plavix?
    Agingdem- over a year ago - in Plavix
  13. link Propsguy
    Plavix baby aspirin, pace maker, stent, nexium, licorice
    my 85 yr old father had a slight heart attack recently. they put in a stent and a pace maker and sent him home with a slew of prescriptions- lipitor, plavix for 4 weeks, 2 BP meds, nexium for his daily baby aspirin. he decided to only take the baby a - 64% more...
    Propsguy- over a year ago - in Plavix
  14. link Suebeam
    Plavix lopressor, wits end, stent, lisinopril, catheter
    I am a 55 year old female. I had a heart attack in July -08. I had a stent placed. Since then I have been on Plavix, Lopressor, Lisinopril and Lipitor. I have been back to the Hospital 2 times since then. The first time they found nothing. The second - 67% more...
    Suebeam- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Plavix
  15. link Jrtastet
    When they couldn't find anything wrong with me through tests, the anziogrham showed I needed stents on both sides. Test compared the left coronary with the right. Since both were blocked they weren't getting a difference.
    Jrtastet- over a year ago
  16. link Williams58
    I have had the same systoms, i get a spart of energy and do to much then I am down for 3 or 4 days and the doctor don't do anything and just smiles at me like I don't known what I am saying. I had a heart attack march 2005 and have 5 or 6 stinks and - 20% more...
    Williams58- over a year ago
  17. link Maryellen505
    headache while taking plavix
    My neurologist prescribed plavix because of mini strokes that the MRI showed that I was having. This is approximately 6 weeks ago. He said that it would take some time for the headaches to go away, but I am still having these headache. Should I still - 10% more...
    Maryellen505- over a year ago - in Plavix
  18. link Wordweaver
    Plavix lower abdomen, hard time, knees, flu, medication
    Severe pain in my lower abdomen. So severe I could not stand straight to walk. Went off the medication for two weeks. Decided to try again because I thought it could have been the flu. The same pain came back in my lower abdomen. I started vomiting a - 60% more...
    Wordweaver- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Plavix
  19. link Wordweaver
    I forgot to add that my body tends to be filled with air at times. The pressure gets so severe in my chest area. Gas pains make it hard to sleep and I have to take gas pills all the time or the pain is so bad I can not bear it. If I am without gas pi - 19% more...
    Wordweaver- over a year ago
  20. link Willis64
    no plavix for five days
    My dentist took me off of plavix for five days because I am having gum surgery. Since I have been off of it I have noticed mild dizziness and some pain in my lower left leg. Does this mean I could have a stroke?
    Willis64- over a year ago - in Plavix
  21. link Ronb58
    plavix and leg cramps
    I just recently had a stent inserted and the Dr. started me on Plavix. I have been getting leg ramps at night or when I am relaxed. Is this normal or something I should worry about?
    Ronb58- over a year ago - in Plavix
  22. link Gloriamt
    Plavix drug addict, drinking alcohol, good combination, blood clot, heart attack
    my husband has been on plavix for about 6 months. He had a heart attack and had a couple stents. He also was a drug addict hut he quit for 4 months he was doing good. unfortunately he started using again (methamphetamines) he also started drinking al - 70% more...
    Gloriamt- over a year ago - in Plavix
  23. link Tk247
    erictile disfunction
    Can Plavix cause erectile dysfunction or interfere with vaigara ?
    Tk247- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Plavix
  24. link Reese99
    No, I have never heard of Plavix causing erectile dysfunction. There is no drug interaction between it and Viagra.
    Reese99- over a year ago
  25. link Scahnmann
    Side effects
    Is Hair loss a side effect from Plavix
    Scahnmann- over a year ago - in Plavix