Poly-vi-flor Side Effects

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  1. link Carollmtr
    Is this vitamin still being manufactured? And if so, where can I get it? My grandson was given the generic by Qualitest and he hates them! My children grew up on Poly-Vi-Flor chewables and I'm looking for a close substitute
    Carollmtr- over a year ago - in Poly-Vi-Flor
  2. link Jodilipkin
    sugar content
    Does polyviflor contain sugar? If not what sweetener does it contain?
    Jodilipkin- over a year ago - in Poly-Vi-Flor
  3. link Jnnielsen
    Vitamin Content
    What exactly is the nutritional composition or vitamin content of Poly-Vi-Flor in addition to the fluoride?
    Jnnielsen- over a year ago - in Poly-Vi-Flor
  4. link Cedinajones
    Poly- Vi- Flor Gluten Free?
    Are chewable Poly vi flor vitamins with floride gluten free?
    Cedinajones- over a year ago - in Poly-Vi-Flor