Prenatal Plus Iron Side Effects

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  1. link Mbraun010781
    Prenatal Plus Iron heart pulse, prenatals, moods, birth control, love
    I've just gone off my Ocella birth control 2 days ago, and the same day started taking the prescribed prenatals plus. For the past two days my moods have been up and down, and my heart/pulse keeps skipping beats. My husband thinks it may just be stre - 14% more...
    Mbraun010781- over a year ago - in Prenatal Plus Iron
  2. link Tjack3
    Can I crush these
    I was giving these pills yesterday from the pharmacy on the navy base. I told them I can not swallow pills and asked did they have any chewable but they said these were the only one's they have. I have to wait for a referral to go to the dr. Is it ok - 34% more...
    Tjack3- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Prenatal Plus Iron
  3. link 777
    Why not ask your dr. or a pharmacist ? . . or, research on google.
    777- over a year ago