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  1. link Kimfam1
    Prilosec and Bone Loss
    Does the prolonged use of Prilosec block calcium absorbsion and therefore bone loss?
    Kimfam1- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  2. link Sadsexylady
    Prilosec muscle spasms, back aches, leg pain
    muscle spasms I take prilosec 3 times a day 20 mil, Ihave real bad back aches and leg pain . Also many many muscle spasms.
    Sadsexylady- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  3. link Dew493
    Prilosec frequent nose bleeds, acid reflux, profuse sweating, armpit
    I have been taking Prilosec for a couple years and then my insurance company quit paying for it now I have been on the OTC and began having frequent n - 47% more...
    Dew493- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  4. link Rconway
    Prilosec cramps
    I have been leg pains in both my legs they are like cramps could they be caused by prilosec
    Rconway- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  5. link Monroecollect
    Prilosec omeprazole, rolaids
    I have been taking omeprazole for 7 months. It WORKS! Two months after taking this pill daily I had gained 20 pounds. At 7 months I have gained 35 pou - 55% more...
    Monroecollect- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  6. link Rlkennedy
    Prilosec dizzy spells, eating habits, weight gain, swell, four months
    I have been taking Prilosec for the past 3 months. I take one pill in the morning when I know I'll be eating something spicy. I only take it every 3 d - 68% more...
    Rlkennedy- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Prilosec
  7. link Stevanyoung
    Prilosec stomach cramps, acid reflux, ive been, mite, headaches
    ive been taking prilosec and generic as well as otc prilosec and all of the other acid reflux meds for over 9 years now..the prilosec is the best by f - 61% more...
    Stevanyoung- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  8. link Islandwahine2002
    Prilosec diarrehea, bloated
    is diarrehea a side effect of Prilosec?I've just started taken it and I feel bloated and have diarrehea. Is this a side effect?
    Islandwahine2002- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  9. link Clkirasic
    projectile vomiting (at all the wrong times)
    This morning on my way to work it clicked. The idea clicked once before but a girlfriend said I was goofy. It seems that when I take this medication I - 74% more...
    Clkirasic- over a year ago - in Prilosec
  10. link Straytski
    Prilosec i can sleep, heart burn, stiff, stress
    Taking OTC, I feel stiff and painful all the time. Always tired. Have E. D. unsure if that is really caused by OTC or just stress. Have gained a lot o - 50% more...
    Straytski- over a year ago - in Prilosec
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