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  1. link Tanner
    ProAir HFA ozone layer, inhalers, inhaler
    About two weeks after using Proair I have developed a constant feeling of a lump or clog in my throat. I also don't think it works as well as my other - 45% more...
    Tanner- over a year ago - in ProAir HFA
  2. link Nixxiebinelli
    ProAir HFA proair inhaler, cant cough, chest pains, few days, sleep
    ive only been using the proair inhaler for a few days and my chest pains are increasing to the point where it hurts to even breathe. im sick also, so - 62% more...
    Nixxiebinelli- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in ProAir HFA
  3. link Missdaisy08
    Right hand tremors
    My husband had a breathing treatment in the doctor's office last Thursday due to a bronchial infection. Immediately after the treatment, he noticed bo - 63% more...
    Missdaisy08- over a year ago - in ProAir HFA
  4. link Artlover7
    ProAir HFA albuterol inhalers, peak flow meter, ozone layer, down stairs, internet forums
    My local pharmacies have switched to dispensing only ProAir HFA inhalers in place of the usual albuterol inhalers by Warrick, per the new law concerni - 85% more...
    Artlover7- over a year ago - in ProAir HFA
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