Prochlorperazine Side Effects

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  1. link Leenliz
    Prochlorperazine rectal cancer, side affects
    Has not had one but would like to know what side affects are just in case and for my information also. My mother, who has rectal cancer will be using this.
    Leenliz- over a year ago - in Prochlorperazine
  2. link Miseeyore
    Prochlorperazine tonuge, benadryl, 5 mins, tremor, uncontrolled
    uncontrolled movement of the mouth; tonuge would stick out and could not keep it in; mouth would go crooked, squeeze shut, hang open( like my jaw stop working) had trouble speaking, people could hardly understand me. Dr. sent me to ER and they took m - 31% more...
    Miseeyore- over a year ago - in Prochlorperazine