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  1. link Tomtom
    I am a liver transplant recipient for a number of years. Suddenly, my Prograf level is elevated from 2.2 (base line) to 3.2 in the last 5 monthly bloo - 70% more...
    Tomtom- over a year ago - in Prograf
  2. link Liberty
    Using prograf for a heart transplant and experiencing memory problems...
    My son has been having some memory problems and after meeting with his cardiologist, the doctor said the prograf he takes for the heart transplant he - 74% more...
    Liberty- over a year ago - in Prograf
  3. link Puda
    Prograf and mood agitation
    Is one of the side affects of prograf mood agitation/aggression? And how long does Prograf stay in the system?
    Puda- over a year ago - in Prograf
  4. link Ju31316
    Its better to take prograf with juice or water?
    I am a kidney transplant patient, I have been taking Prograf for 10 years, but it has change dramatically my sugar levels. I wanted to know if instead - 30% more...
    Ju31316- over a year ago - in Prograf
  5. link Bunni200593
    Prograf medication
    what are the side effects to this medication? there was none listed, so how can i list the side effects if there is none there?
    Bunni200593- over a year ago - in Prograf
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