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  1. link Mdelazar
    Prohance roof of the mouth, swallow, teeth
    Started with prickly feeling on teeth, roof of the mouth and throat, throat closed making it difficult to swallow and almost lost my voice completely. - 28% more...
    Mdelazar- over a year ago - in Prohance
  2. link Goldenstripe
    Prohance mri machine, dizziness, benadryl, sneeze, octave
    I was at the end of an MRI session when the doctor asked for one more picture. They inserted an IV and dripped in Prohance and stuck me back in the MR - 82% more...
    Goldenstripe- over a year ago - in Prohance
  3. link Rn2b
    re: usage of ProHance for MRI studies - any info as to side effects?
    Rn2b- over a year ago - in Prohance
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