Prometrium Side Effects

Side effects and experiences with Prometrium by users like you. Post Yours Now.
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  3. link Tarisanc
    Prometrium high estrogen levels, rapid heart rate, pain in knees, osteoarthritis pain, utter despair
    Am 52 y.o. on prescribed prometrium for 4 years since menopause started to balance my high estrogen levels & regulate arrythmias (rapid heart rate) associated with "whacked out" hormones according to Endocrinologist for women's health. - 79% more...
    Tarisanc- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  4. link Kmfryer
    Prometrium hair loss, provera, hyperplasia, synthroid, prometrium
    Mon. Oct. 9, 2006 I have been taking Prometrium for hyperplasia since 6-03. Before that I was taking Provera. I am also taking Synthroid ----but have seen quite a bit of thinning in my hair. Has anyone else experienced hair loss with Prometrium? I am - 7% more...
    Kmfryer- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Prometrium
  5. link Kellendula
    Yes, I have experienced remarkable thinning of my hair as well. I asked my gyn and endocrinologist why, had hormone/thyroid/etc tests done, but no reason as far as they are concerned. Looking back, it may have begun around the time I began prometrium - 55% more...
    Kellendula- over a year ago
  6. link Redcasey2001
    prevent loss of fetus
    Will this drug slow down the process or prevent the loss of early fetus?
    Redcasey2001- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  7. link Shunda
    how long does it take to get preg. if i take Prometrium 200mg for 12 day starting 2 weeks after mense cycle
    Shunda- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  8. link Narcoleptic
    Prometrium sores on tongue, psychotic episodes
    after being on it for 5 weeks noted sores on tongue, then had psychotic episodes, Then restarted it after being off for 3 weeks but on 2 days off 2 days, for 3 more weeks, and noticed some psychotic episodes seeping through now have stopped completel - 1% more...
    Narcoleptic- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  9. link Abaracos811
    Prometrium and hair loss
    I am currently pregnant and taking prometrium probably up to the end of the first trimester. I've noticed l am losing more hair than usual - can this be a side effect of prometrium. Will my hair loss stop after I stop taking prometrium?
    Abaracos811- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  10. link Pink
    Pink- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  11. link M405
    Prometrium menstrual cycle, drowsiness, hormone imbalance, dizziness
    I was prescribed prometrium for a hormone imbalance that was throwing off my menstrual cycle. I'd taken it for 5 days without any problems until I began my menstrual cycle today. I'd forgotten to take the prometrium pill yesterday so instead of my us - 50% more...
    M405- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  12. link Tahitigirl10
    Prometrium heart palpitations, heart attack, menopause symptoms, sleep disorder, drugs
    I just took a prometrium pill tonight for the first time in order to help with my sleep disorder and menopause symptoms. I had visited with an endocrinologist who had prescribed this medication to me along with Synthroid and Vivelle . An hour after t - 57% more...
    Tahitigirl10- over a year ago - in Prometrium
  13. link Nlh4msu
    what is the dose to take in our to start period??
    Nlh4msu- over a year ago - in Prometrium