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  1. link Paulmarais75
    Propecia negative side effects, vas deferens, erections, testes, antibiotics
    Since I stopped taking Propecia I have been experiencing a number of negative side effects. I can't get an erection, the tube called the vas deferens connecting my testes to my body has developed a lump on my left side. I have been treated with antib - 44% more...
    Paulmarais75- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Propecia
  2. link Superpilot66
    I have the same lump on my left vas deferens, 99% of the time there is no pain but once in a while there is an ache like i was kicked. Going in tomorrow to see my doctor,,,keep ya posted. ps sex drive way down also
    Superpilot66- over a year ago
  3. link Basscat_1986
    Propecia shen min dht blocker, long hair, strange feeling, yesterday and today, unexplainable
    I have never experienced a feeling like this before. I had vivid, unexplainable dreams. The first night taking it, I had a strange feeling in my throat and woke up almost choking(that was on the list of side effects, closing of the throat. I kept mys - 64% more...
    Basscat_1986- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Propecia
  4. link Ammy
    Generic Propecia has other side effects than what you have mentioned you can have look at the side effects and various drugs that interact with generic propecia
    Ammy- over a year ago
  5. link Hollis
    Propecia extreme dry skin, prostate cancer, chest hair, proscar, testicle
    I have been taking proscar as treatment for my prostate cancer for 2 years now and side affects that come and go are extreme dry skin on my eyelids and corners of my mouth. Extreme dry skin on my testicle sac. Some fatigue and some depression. My che - 11% more...
    Hollis- over a year ago - in Propecia
  6. link Roscoe3817
    Propecia breast enlargement, breasts, brother
    My breasts became enlarged after taking Propecia-my brother also developed breast enlargement after taking Propecia. Anyone else have that problem?
    Roscoe3817- over a year ago - in Propecia
  7. link Seminoleaaa
    Propecia generic propecia, testicle
    I took generic propecia purchased off the net for about 7-8 months. Recently, I started getting a soreness in my left testicle. I stopped taking the drug for 2 weeks and thankfully the pain is pretty much gone.
    Seminoleaaa- over a year ago - in Propecia
  8. link Jefftd77
    Finasteride (Propecia) long term effects
    My hair is starting to thin out and I'm thinking about using fiansteride. My question is: 1. If I take it for 2 years then stop, will my hair go back to how it is now (as if my balding was put on hold for 2 years)? Or will I lose my new hair (if I go - 38% more...
    Jefftd77- over a year ago - in Propecia
  9. link Mshark00
    Mshark00- over a year ago - in Propecia
  10. link Vineet
    propecia treatment benifits
    Does propecia works better with rogain application on bald spots
    Vineet- over a year ago - in Propecia
  11. link Company2210
    Propecia alopecia androgenic, bristol england, perscribed, varient, hairloss
    I was perscribed Propecia for alopecia, androgenic varient I think - Male Pattern Hairloss one. Side effects I am experiencing are trouble getting an erection. Never had a problem before, but since taking Propecia (have been for just over two months - 26% more...
    Company2210- over a year ago - in Propecia
  12. link Nicolas_wright
    Propecia london england, nicolas wright, hair loss, finasteride, fina
    I tried taking Finasteride 7 years ago for hair loss. About 3 hours after taking the tablet, I got severe pain in my bladder, giving me the sensation that I wanted to urinate all the time. I have recently tried to use Fina Lotion topically, and the s - 40% more...
    Nicolas_wright- over a year ago - in Propecia