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  1. link Simoncat1
    Provera heavy bleeding, stop bleeding, normal flow, cramp, cramps
    I took Provera for 10 days to stop bleeding. When it was time for my period I had terrible cramps and extremely heavy bleeding. I usually don't cramp - 16% more...
    Simoncat1- over a year ago - in Provera
  2. link Vsparafina
    constant bleeding
    Vsparafina- over a year ago - in Provera
  3. link Atet321
    Provera irregular bleeding, menses, gaining weight, cramps, breast
    I have been in provera for 10 days to correct irregular bleeding. on my 4th day of taking it, my period arrived. Now its been almost two weeks of havi - 46% more...
    Atet321- over a year ago - in Provera
  4. link Nurdreams
    Provera yeast infection
    Yeast Infection.
    Nurdreams- over a year ago - in Provera
  5. link Elizavetta
    Is Provera my only choice?
    I have a Pituitary Tumor and take Provera for 10 days every 6 months. I need to start a period badly and do not know if I have a choice in any other m - 45% more...
    Elizavetta- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Provera
  6. link Kmdennis03
    Provera manic state
    manic state
    Kmdennis03- over a year ago - in Provera
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