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  1. link Matt1962kingman
    Prozac Weekly 9 months, prozac, girlfriend
    Prozac, day 4 I take 20 mg in the morning so far, I wake up feeling better than before, but, some time every day I have a tired spell, and need a nap, - 66% more...
    Matt1962kingman- over a year ago - in Prozac Weekly
  2. link Jeremy78210
    Prozac Weekly cravings, alcohol, temptations, prozac, cares
    Prozac has stopped all my cravings for alcohol, I have been on it for one month now & gave up alcohol when I started the course & to my amazme - 56% more...
    Jeremy78210- over a year ago - in Prozac Weekly
  3. link Blueyedbaby14321432
    Prozac Weekly prozac 20mg
    i want to know all the side affacts of prozac 20mg every morning at awake
    Blueyedbaby14321432- over a year ago - in Prozac Weekly
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