Psoriasin Side Effects

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  1. link Linronhan
    headache, high BP, dizziness
    Sprad a large amount of Psoriasin on legs, only used 2 days. 2nd day afternoon strated getting dizy, that evening developed sever headache, memory loss, went to ER, cat scan should not problem. By the next evening all symptoms gone.
    Linronhan- over a year ago - in Psoriasin
  2. link Tbomleny
    Psoriasin mra, neck pain, mri, headaches
    I used psoriasin for 6 weeks and I started to be dizzy, confused, headaches, ear aches and neck pain and I couldn't remember things. I went to my doctor he ordered a MRI and MRA. They came back normal. That's when I researched and realized it was pso - 3% more...
    Tbomleny- over a year ago - in Psoriasin
  3. link Mersault
    why on god's green earth is a product sold that has ingredients that are known to cause cancer !!!!!!!
    Mersault- over a year ago - in Psoriasin