Rapamune Side Effects

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  1. link Woolley
    Rapamune kidney transplant patient, right arm, breast
    I am a kidney transplant patient.Since taken Rapamune I have developed lymphoedema in my right arm,hand and breast
    Woolley- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  2. link Fayetucker
    Rapamune - Rash and Acne
    Anyone experiencing acne with rapamune? Did it go away after awhile or are there any recommendations as to how to eliminate it? My skin gets itchy as well. And my legs seem to swell around the calf. But not my ankles. Are these all side effects that - 18% more...
    Fayetucker- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  3. link Admkidd
    Rapamune constant sore throat, ulcers
    Constant sore throat better known as ulcers
    Admkidd- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  4. link Lolls5899
    Rapamune rash on torso
    dry rash on torso.
    Lolls5899- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  5. link Johnmitchell
    Rapamune rash, rapamune, pimple, acne, doctors
    Rash covering entire body. Swelling of face and hands.
    Johnmitchell- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  6. link Simmer52a
    Rapamune headaches
    Severe dibilitating headaches lasting a week or more
    Simmer52a- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  7. link Albirdlady
    used for Bk virus infected kidney
    virus showed up in urine and after biopsy was for sure the organ was infected.My body was not.Put on rapamune in hopes that a different immuno drug would allow my body to fight this virus into control.I am still at a good creatinine level(normal).Goo - 30% more...
    Albirdlady- over a year ago - in Rapamune
  8. link Hussy08
    cold like symptoms
    Hussy08- over a year ago - in Rapamune