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  1. link Mbking22
    refresh liquigel
    I am about to be allergy tested. I can't take anything with the word "histamine" in it. Does Refresh Liquigel contain any type of histamine - 5% more...
    Mbking22- over a year ago - in Refresh Liquigel
  2. link Billtech
    Refresh Liquigel good health, eyeball, pencil, gap
    I've been using refresh liquigel for about 2 years, almost every night, recommended by my doctor. I'm not sure these symptoms are due to this product, - 73% more...
    Billtech- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Refresh Liquigel
  3. link Hicks
    Refresh Liquigel lids, scaling skin
    severe lid redness; swelling of lids; itching lids; severely dry/scaling skin on lids; broken skin on lids; pain and tenderness of lid area
    Hicks- over a year ago - in Refresh Liquigel
  4. link Laurie1950
    Refresh Liquigel
    Skin around the eye becomes very red.
    Laurie1950- over a year ago - in Refresh Liquigel
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