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  1. link Lmth07
    if there is a eye-lubricant that is non-flammable
    Is the refresh plus 0.5 drop...a possible choice to use instead of eye ointment, because where I work surgery team concern with possible fire with use - 12% more...
    Lmth07- over a year ago - in Refresh Plus
  2. link Hossam
    Dosage and how long
    Good day, I work in Sudan, which have a very dry weather, How long is the maximum period of using Refresh Plus and how many time per-day Thanks
    Hossam- over a year ago - in Refresh Plus
  3. link 51andcounting
    Refresh Pluss with contacts
    I've used Refresh Plus for years for my dry eyes, since I have problems using products with preservatives. I've just started wearing Coopervision ProC - 49% more...
    51andcounting- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Refresh Plus
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