Relpax Side Effects

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  1. link Ajtolley
    Relpax chiropractic massage, mistake of my life, scan cat, brain scan, horrible pain
    Relpax has saved my life! If it were not for Relpax I don't know if I would be married, have a job, be able to raise my children...etc. My insurance only pays for 9 per month, so I have to purchase any others I may need per month, they are very expen - 82% more...
    Ajtolley- over a year ago - in Relpax
  2. link Kdpeddie
    Relpax relpax for migraines, sugar pills, miracle cure, migraine, headaches
    I've been taking Relpax for migraines for over a year. I really is a miracle cure for me. I still wake up with headaches but they aren't migraines. I tried taking Imitrex but it was like taking sugar pills. I've wondered about Fioricet since it was g - 19% more...
    Kdpeddie- over a year ago - in Relpax
  3. link Lbs12
    Relpax headaches, topamax, chronic migraines, wonderful thing, 3x
    I didn't really have any side effects with Relpax. The most wonderful thing was that it made my headaches go away. Of course my Dr freaked out when she found out that I was taking them on average 3x a week and switched me to Topamax because the frequ - 39% more...
    Lbs12- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Relpax
  4. link Nradovcich
    WOW!!! Relpax is a great drug. I was too put on Topamax and I lost my taste buds, lips went numb, half my face went numb and my left arm went numb. Signs of a stroke. Nope, not a stroke, it was a side effect of the Topamax. My Neuro Doctor insisted i - 73% more...
    Nradovcich- over a year ago