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  1. link Jmorrison
    Pricing and availability
    Does anybody know where we can get Repronex or pergonal at a more discount rate.
    Jmorrison- over a year ago - in Repronex
  2. link Jennifermontanna
    Repronex ups and downs, emotional ups, i am pregnant, ovaries, bottom line
    im pregnant , i endured the major emotional ups and downs,i was snappy, i was up alllll night long for many nights, again last night i was up all nigh - 61% more...
    Jennifermontanna- over a year ago - in Repronex
  3. link Kneedlemanrph
    Repronex high fever, injection sites, welts, chills, flu
    I experienced a high fever (up to 103.8F) approximately 36 hours after my first dose of Repronex. The fever resolved approximately 36 hours after my l - 61% more...
    Kneedlemanrph- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Repronex
  4. link Alsz
    Repronex sore breasts, emotional swings, iui, hcg, combination
    My first cycle on Repronex, about 3 days after my IUI, I experienced very, very sore breasts, this lasted for about a week. I am not sure if it was al - 43% more...
    Alsz- over a year ago - in Repronex
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