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  1. link Claassen
    Rifampin drug interactions
    If Rifampin effects Tylenol and narcotic pain relievers. What can you take that would be safe and effective?
    Claassen- over a year ago - in Rifampin
  2. link Mafreeman777
    rifampin and Kaletra
    What are the dangers of taking rifampin and kaletra together? I am presently undergoing "decolonization" for MRSA. I am on kaletra and combi - 34% more...
    Mafreeman777- over a year ago - in Rifampin
  3. link Ddgirl
    Rifampin bartholin gland, loose stool, run the other way, smz, abscess
    Took rifampin with SMZ for an abscess and had terrible loose stool, gas, headaches, weak and unbalanced and made me OVEREAT because I felt so weak I n - 48% more...
    Ddgirl- over a year ago - in Rifampin
  4. link Drtusillasum
    Rifampin loose stools, cramps
    dirrahea, cramps loose, loose stools
    Drtusillasum- over a year ago - in Rifampin
  5. link Gulllovelake
    Rrifampin for itching
    Has anyone been prescribed Rifampin for itching from liver disease? I had a bad experience - explained in the side-effects section. Just curious as to - 22% more...
    Gulllovelake- over a year ago - in Rifampin
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