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  1. link Glsmay2
    Number of hours of effectiveness of Ritalin LA 30
    How long does Ritalin LA 30 last in my bloodstream?
    Glsmay2- over a year ago - in Ritalin LA
  2. link Pfb51
    dose adjustment
    My 8 yr old son is on 10 mg; is there anyway to give him a 15 mg dose? I am concerned that 20 mg may be too sedating (20 mg vyvanse was too much).
    Pfb51- over a year ago - in Ritalin LA
  3. link Namchellys
    uses for ritalin
    Is that true that ritalin can be uses for people who has phycological traumas such as been ripped and sexual isues?
    Namchellys- over a year ago - in Ritalin LA
  4. link Monkeybabe
    Ritalin LA 8 years, adhd, depression, ritalin
    I have been taking Ritalin for about 8 years. Ritalin LA has worked very well with me, except for depression. Ritalin does make me depressed when I ta - 61% more...
    Monkeybabe- over a year ago - in Ritalin LA
  5. link Ngoshi
    Side efffects and cause
    My son is 10 years old and on ritlan la 30mg. He does not want to eat, do not want to go and sleep at night and is extremely scared to be alone. Is th - 22% more...
    Ngoshi- over a year ago - in Ritalin LA
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