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  1. link Jmhunter1
    Does Rituxan deplete neutrophils?
    My husbands white count has gone from 8000 to 4000 in one week (2 months after 4 weeks of 1000mg Rituxan) and the neutrophils have gone from 51% to 0% - 1% more...
    Jmhunter1- over a year ago - in Rituxan
  2. link X2008
    ITP & Rituxan
    Has anyone used rituxan for itp or ra and what was your experience?
    X2008- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Rituxan
  3. link Patvondohln
    Pat von dohln
    Are there any people out there receiving Rituxan infusions at home?
    Patvondohln- over a year ago - in Rituxan
  4. link 2bornot2b
    Rituxan oddly enough, chemo treatments, x rays, spinal tap, muscle strength
    After 2 treatments of Rituxan, my uncle could barely walk into the doctor's office. It progressively worsened even after he quit the treatments, and n - 79% more...
    2bornot2b- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Rituxan
  5. link Tpotapovap52
    how to help my mom
    My mother lives in Uzbekistan.Doctor prescribed rituximab( mabtera) for her.But she can not buy it,because it very,very expensive.She have had stomac - 47% more...
    Tpotapovap52- over a year ago - in Rituxan
  6. link Sandiz
    Serum sickness
    I had four infusion in January, 2003. Three weeks after the first infusion, I developed serum sickness. It was misdiagnosed as a virus, so I attempted - 58% more...
    Sandiz- over a year ago - in Rituxan
  7. link Sandiz
    Rituxan serum sickness
    Serum sickness.
    Sandiz- over a year ago - in Rituxan
  8. link Romo4now
    Rituxan stomach cramps, muscle weakness, joint pain, shins, fatigue
    I've just received my 7th rituxan treatment. Starting with the third one i started experiencing severe joint pain. With each treatment the pain has go - 64% more...
    Romo4now- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Rituxan
  9. link Ruth661
    Rituxan neutrophil
    neutrophil depletion
    Ruth661- over a year ago - in Rituxan
  10. link Jerrysobel
    husband of patient
    Has anyone experienced severe leg pain following an infusion of Rituxan? My wife has had this pain for the last three days. Thank you, Jerry Sobel
    Jerrysobel- over a year ago - in Rituxan
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