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  1. link Couponsnsamples
    how much rocephin is too much?
    normally how many shots of rocephin is given to a 3 yr old for phenomia? i have been told that this is used as a last resort in young children...and m - 62% more...
    Couponsnsamples- over a year ago - in Rocephin
  2. link Jwalts27
    Rocephin allergic to penicillin, woman giving birth, hiatal hernia, kidney pain, urinary tract infection symptoms
    I was given a shot of Rocephin and oral penicillin about 2 months ago. I have been allergic to Penicillin all my life, but my Dr decided to give it to - 94% more...
    Jwalts27- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Rocephin
  3. link Kt2282
    Rocephin upper back pain, upper stomach, breastbone
    Severe upper back pain that later radiated to front (upper stomach under the breastbone). Still experiencing this pain the next day.
    Kt2282- over a year ago - in Rocephin
  4. link Letad
    Rocephin experiance
    Negative experience... I landed up in the I.C.U. In August of 2007... I am still experiencing these side effects. What would be a good source to find - 15% more...
    Letad- over a year ago - in Rocephin
  5. link Spark
    Rocephin tremors
    TREMORS. That has lasted for over a year.
    Spark- over a year ago - in Rocephin
  6. link Asportmom
    rocehpin side effects
    can rocephin cause disorientation?
    Asportmom- over a year ago - in Rocephin
  7. link Inindygrl
    Rocephin back ache
    back ache!!!!
    Inindygrl- over a year ago - in Rocephin
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