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  1. link Dleming
    Taking half a pill
    Can I split a 225 mg Rythmol pill and take 1 1/2 pils to achieve a 300mg dose? Is the coating on the pill important or can I use a split pill?
    Dleming- over a year ago - in Rythmol
  2. link Bonnie1
    PVC's and Rythmol
    I just developed an irregular heartbeat 3 months ago after my father's death. Had many tests. Was on Inderal, Verapamil, and then Cartia. Still the ho - 61% more...
    Bonnie1- over a year ago - in Rythmol
  3. link Bordeaubev
    atrial fib
    I'm currently taking rythmol---can I go off this med all at once
    Bordeaubev- over a year ago - in Rythmol
  4. link Cevarisco
    side effects
    my sister has been taking Rythmol for 1 yr. Now she is having acute severe pain in her joints ie hip, knees and back. the MD says it is a long term si - 19% more...
    Cevarisco- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Rythmol
  5. link Nancyborucki
    Rythmol weakness, upper body
    upper body weakness--arms especially
    Nancyborucki- over a year ago - in Rythmol
  6. link Aowen
    I was placed on 450 mgs of Rythmol about five months ago when during a physical exam my physician noticed the problem. By the time I saw the heart spe - 67% more...
    Aowen- over a year ago - in Rythmol
  7. link Aowen
    Rythmol loss of appitite, internal vibration, stomach problems, body trunk, rash on
    Internal vibration sensation when relaxed. Constipation, stomach problems during the evening hrs. Rash on body trunk, depression and loss of appitite.
    Aowen- over a year ago - in Rythmol
  8. link Jmsteam
    Rythmol lanoxin, sshe, heart problem, lacks, she takes
    my wife(47) has been taking rythmol for over 9 months. We would like to know if this medication can cause a loss of weight. She takes lanoxin and nova - 69% more...
    Jmsteam- over a year ago - in Rythmol
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