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  1. link Sofy
    Yasmin lower abdominal cramps, 24 years old, have suffered from, optomistic, occuring
    I am 24 years old (tomoorow!) and have been taking Yasmin for approximately one year. I tried this pill in the hope of not gaining anymore weight. Alt - 80% more...
    Sofy- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  2. link Mmsa1000
    Levaquin crohn s disease, oxicodone, smoke cigarettes, alcoholic drink, bowel disease
    Background on my self: 1- Never had an alcoholic drink in my life (religious reasons) 2- I suffer from Crohn's disease (bowel disease) 3- I smoke ciga - 72% more...
    Mmsa1000- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  3. link Logankr
    Kenalog kenalog injection, nhs doctors, doctor who, flu, lax attitude
    I had a kenalog injection for severe hayfever several years ago when I was getting married and it was the first summer I ever experienced and enjoyed - 85% more...
    Logankr- over a year ago - in Kenalog
  4. link Dixoncm
    Levaquin rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis therapy, tinitis, antibiotic therapy, photophobia
    I have taken Levaquin over the past three years for stubborn and recurring sinus infections. Although I was seriously ill with the infections (fever o - 87% more...
    Dixoncm- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  5. link Goddessguideme
    Advair HFA advair, salmeterol, behavior changes, bronchodilator, family members
    To the "guest" who posted about their 7 year old being on Advair: You're wise to take him off of it. I can't believe so many doctors are giv - 79% more...
    Goddessguideme- over a year ago - in Advair HFA
  6. link Lablover
    Levaquin muscle and joint pain, levoquin, sinus infection, ankles, doctor who
    I was prescribed Levaquin to treat a sinus infection. I took 16 of 21 prescribed doses. The side effects I had were severe muscle and joint pain and w - 83% more...
    Lablover- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  7. link Otter423
    my MDs, probiotics, yoga...
    Very interesting to read all of these posts. Regarding the MD opinions, I always keep in mind that the person who graduates last in the medical school - 95% more...
    Otter423- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  8. link Keadyp
    Lupron facial hair growth, severe dry skin, endometreosis, i am pain, hot flashes
    Eczema, severe dry skin & hair growth out the wazooooooo, extreme facial hair growth, and i now shave my legs everyday instead of once a week. I a - 59% more...
    Keadyp- over a year ago - in Lupron
  9. link Danielecruz
    Yasmin mail, hotmail, anxiety attacks, panic anxiety, four months
    PANIC ATTACKS!!!! What are those!!?!?!?? I have never had a panic attack before I started taking this pill. I have been on if for almost 7 months and - 88% more...
    Danielecruz- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  10. link Awdo33
    Yasmin unfortunatly, ortho trycyclen, moodiness, trouble breathing, birth control
    This Sunday I start Yasmin, I took ortho-trycyclen for 3 years and it made me a complete nut case, had trouble breathing which my doctor said was from - 82% more...
    Awdo33- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  11. link Ssbowen
    Ultracet sick to my stomach, great stuff, bad enough, nerves, taken care
    I only got a headache the first couple of times I took it. I have discs pressing on nerves in my lower back, bad enough that I can't function. Ultrace - 67% more...
    Ssbowen- over a year ago - in Ultracet
  12. link Ericthomas80
    Unscented Nasonex
    Is anyone aware of an Unscented or preservative-free nasonex coming out soon????
    Ericthomas80- over a year ago - in Nasonex
  13. link Janeh
    Ultracet sleep like a baby
    I have suffered for years with nervous legs and got very little sleep. I also have constant pain with my lower back,started taking ultracet and I have - 47% more...
    Janeh- over a year ago - in Ultracet
  14. link Omaha_jill
    Ultracet lower back pain, absence, pain free
    Ultracet was the best thing I have used for my lower back pain. It has given me hope of being pain free while my back heals. I know that I can get out - 47% more...
    Omaha_jill- over a year ago - in Ultracet
  15. link Poetnnc
    Felbatol seizures, seizure, thank god, weight loss
    Just wanted to say that my daughter who previously had 18 to 20 seizures a day, has now been seizure free for eight years. She has had no side effects - 54% more...
    Poetnnc- over a year ago - in Felbatol
  16. link Anneka
    Neurontin neurologist, claudia, yahoo
    For Jan, We have an appointment in early Jan with her neurologist, so will bring up the side effects with him then. Claudia likes the energy, I don't - 44% more...
    Anneka- over a year ago - in Neurontin
  17. link Whiteja1
    Neurontin moist heating pad, neck ache, neck pain, shoulder blades, physical therapy
    My neck pain was unbearable. I couldn't even go to work because sitting up hurt. It radiated down between my shoulder blades. If you want to email me, - 73% more...
    Whiteja1- over a year ago - in Neurontin
  18. link Guest204
    Yasmin diziness, bloating, weight gain, fatigue
    i've noticed that my skin and hair are very dry. Other than that, I've been side-effect free--no nausea, no bloating, no fatigue, no diziness, no weig - 34% more...
    Guest204- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  19. link Melisa
    I need to get a flu shot and am pregnant so would much prefer thimerosal-free; how can I find out which physicians/facilities are offering preservativ - 8% more...
    Melisa- over a year ago - in Fluzone