Shortness of breath


  1. link Nash157
    Zocor red yeast rice, ringing in ears, arrythmia, awake at night, lecithin
    I took Zocor for a week, and felt weird - out of breath and kept awake at night with ringing in ears - I also developed or seem to have developed some - 52% more...
    Nash157- over a year ago - in Zocor
  2. link Pwillis1
    Yasmin battled depression, long periods, shortness of breath, aweful, i am waiting
    Yasmin has been an aweful experience. I am on my second month - lots of nausea, shortness of breath, extremely long periods with bad cramps, and I am - 54% more...
    Pwillis1- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  3. link Clnull
    Levaquin ive been, welts, carefull, coun, joints
    I took this medication and i passed out. When i awoke I discovered I coun't see and it was very difficult to breath my joints ached so bad i had troub - 59% more...
    Clnull- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  4. link Pmclarke
    Levaquin back pain, begining, nerves, flu
    Took one 500mg pill for the flu , this was in Jan 20/2002 have had back pain ever sense. Hard to get breath in morning , back kills me . After iam up - 47% more...
    Pmclarke- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  5. link Renee657
    Singulair shortness of breath, fda report, singulair, adverse reactions, terrible things
    must take every nigh or shortness of breath
    Renee657- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Singulair
  6. link Kgoad
    Yasmin abdominal cramps, difficulty breathing, short of breath, asthma, breast
    I have been on it since July and I hate it. I constantly have abdominal cramps, my breast are tender and when I have my period it is dark brown bleedi - 64% more...
    Kgoad- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  7. link Smojeske
    Zocor zocor side effects, cause depression, doubt in my mind, no doubt, validate
    First, I have already submitted one post about Zocor side effects but the longer I am washing it out of my system, I am more aware of other side effec - 78% more...
    Smojeske- over a year ago - in Zocor
  8. link Shy_peppy
    Remicade rheumatoid arthritis, cramps, upset stomach, mail, nurse
    My name is Ana, I am 27 yrs old with Rheumatoid Arthritis. During my 6th treatment of Remicade I couldn't breath, but I got better after the nurse sto - 86% more...
    Shy_peppy- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Remicade
  9. link Ndot57
    Lisinopril zestril, shortness of breath, dizziness
    I've been taking lisinopril for a few months. Initially I experienced some dizziness. Now, for the past few weeks, I am experiencing a shortness of br - 47% more...
    Ndot57- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  10. link Whiteja1
    Neurontin sinus pressure, back and neck pain, still tender, executive secretary, skelaxin
    I, too, have the dizziness. I was given a higher dosage of Neurontin-I'm up to 600mg over a one year period and she's talking about taking me to the m - 87% more...
    Whiteja1- over a year ago - in Neurontin
  11. link Supermom3bs
    Levaquin heart palpitations, pneumonia, muscle pain, chest tightness, incredible muscle
    A little over a month ago I took Levaquin for 14 days for pneumonia. During that time my side effects were nausea, dizziness, night sweating, insomnia - 85% more...
    Supermom3bs- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  12. link Stubby2
    Lipitor panic attack, catch my breath, exhaustion, acetyl l carnitine, health food stores
    exhaustion, can't breathe (panic attack) had not been taking meds for about 1 week, took 1 pill, about 20 minutes later could not breathe, felt like I - 54% more...
    Stubby2- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  13. link Jsd14261
    Dear Uniphyl 400mg 1 in the morning is what I have been taking for chest pains. What are some of the symptons of recovery by the use - 76% more...
    Jsd14261- over a year ago - in Uniphyl
  14. link Doubledragonfly
    Levaquin sick to my stomach, doctor tomorrow, muscules, iwas, welts
    Doubledragonfly- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  15. link Aurioles
    Lymphazurin subcutaneous administration, h2, h1, allergy, few minutes
    allergy few minutes after subcutaneous administration: glotis, mouth and face aedema with difficult for breath. Resolved with anti-H1, anti-H2 and cor - 8% more...
    Aurioles- over a year ago - in Lymphazurin
  16. link Deblreynolds4
    Vivelle vivelle patch, shortness of breath, experience shortness, hysterectomy, oct 7
    I had a hysterectomy on Oct. 7, and began using the Vivelle patch on Oct. 16, (one week ago). I put on a new patch on Oct. 20. I begin having shortnes - 61% more...
    Deblreynolds4- over a year ago - in Vivelle