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    Fosamax breast cancer survivor, headache and facial pain, mild headache, fosomax, breast cancer
    I have taken 4 doses of Fosomax-1x a week - and have noticed weight gain, nausea and lethargy. After the first three doses noticed a mild headache, wh - 74% more...
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    I am surprised you haven't found Osteodenx yet in your search for an answer. I can point you to the website that has additional materials, videos and - 89% more...
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    Sulfamethoxazole-Trimethoprim DS dr tomorrow, trimeth, staph infection, rifampin, rash on
    My son was given this medication for MRSA staph infection, in addition to Rifampin 300mg, and other medication he has had before. This is his 4th outb - 80% more...
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    The typical treatment most doctors use to combat staph is to throw as many drugs at the bug as they can. I have learned that many times they do not ha - 98% more...
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    Singulair decode genetics inc, kari stefansson, genetic profiles, former vice president, genetic profiling
    In my opinion, we shouldn't blame doctors for what they are not told about medications. We know definitely that work was being done on genetic profili - 98% more...
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    Lipitor pain killer, warning sign, neck pain, couple times, second thought
    I do think the drug maker should put more emphasize on the side effect! I do believe maybe 98% people who take Lipitor without side effect that is why - 93% more...
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    Singulair top law firms, liability suits, injury suit, important decisions, genetic differences
    I just saw this post and it makes me feel ashamed of our medical system which includes everybody. about 12 hours ago on Apr 14, 2008 by jerseymomma, # - 96% more...
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    PredniSONE brain meningioma, cyber knife, abdomen, zombie, headaches
    I found out that I had a brain meningioma almost two months ago. I am currently being treated with CyberKnife technology and thank God this nightmare - 82% more...
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    Is being cold part of it?
    I have been cold the last few days. My office at work is very well regulated in that if it is cold or warm I adjust the thermostadt and it responds im - 72% more...
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    Lupron mg dose, assisting technology, 1cc, eighth day, endometriosis
    I've been scared into a tizzy by the reports of side effects, many dangerous or long-lasting, and wondering if anyone reading has experience with the - 64% more...
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