1. link Kathypollard
    Lipitor cause stiffness, muscle stiffness, fish oil, neurologist, vitamin d
    My mother was taking Lipitor for several years. She began to have falls and was hospitalized with no diagnosis. She is in a wheelchair and has lost al - 64% more...
    Kathypollard- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Lipitor
  2. link 12345anonymous12345
    My father developed Parkinson's Disease shortly after quitting Lipitor, which he had been taking for about a year. He had markers for PD before starti - 69% more...
    12345anonymous12345- over a year ago
  3. link Fairley
    raised cholestorol with lipitor
    was put onto Fenofibrate for raised cholosterol many years ago and levels remained around 5.2,to 5.8 for years.Then under "goverment guidelines&q - 70% more...
    Fairley- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  4. link Kcwolf
    I'm on two blood thinner &two AFib meds seens like over kill
    I had a stroke in April I was LIPITOR - BYSTOLIC - QUINAPRIL - HTZD (water pill) BP & CHOLESTEROL were under control.
    Kcwolf- over a year ago - in Medications
  5. link Marykay48
    how long will it take to get better
    My husband is off this drug now 2 weeks after being on it for 2 yrs. He is not doing any better. How long will it take? He is having trouble walking.g - 13% more...
    Marykay48- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Lipitor
  6. link Jninearty
    Where can I find a Dr. who can look at and know what damage is caused from Lipitor, or if it is a problem I already had? I'm in Indiana, and am in a r - 53% more...
    Jninearty- over a year ago
  7. link Maxinep
    Lipitor muscle biopsy, high liver, fit as a fiddle, muscle stiffness, leg cramps
    I took Lipitor for about 2 years- 5 mg. Leg cramps-soreness throughout my muscles- very sore buttocks- my legs are shaky- if I use them too much; (as - 86% more...
    Maxinep- over a year ago - 16 Replies - in Lipitor
  8. link Misslynnie
    I have taken Lipitor for years. At first I just ignored the nightly leg cramps. Then I requested something for them and was given Requip which only he - 61% more...
    Misslynnie- over a year ago
  9. link Swehye
    Swollen lips
    i changed from Lipitor to Zocor 2 months ago and I started to have swollen lips a month later. It recurred a few times a week until now. I am not sure - 16% more...
    Swehye- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Simvastatin
  10. link C_pat
    Lipitor massive heart attack, liver levels, throwing a baseball, crp test, cholesterol levels
    I can't believe it's taken me so long to find this site. I have been on Lipitor for the past 5, going on 6 years. My doctor thought it would be a good - 96% more...
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  11. link Adam1234
    Hi My Name Is Adam, I'm On 40mg Of Lipitor And Have Dry Eye's And Have A Hard Time To See So I'm Not The Only One Out There With That Problem I'm Goin - 24% more...
    Adam1234- over a year ago
  12. link Gaja
    Lipitor pins and needles, cholesterol medication, side effects of lipitor, symptoms of anxiety, arms and legs
    I'm a 38 y/o woman. For 7 yrs I knew my cholesterol has been high. I refused to take cholesterol medication and decided to diet and exercise but that - 92% more...
    Gaja- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Lipitor
  13. link Marc300us
    i have also been taking lipitor however i have purchased the medication here in the philipines it seems to be a much smaller pill, the side effects th - 94% more...
    Marc300us- over a year ago
  14. link Sseventy
    Lipitor groin area, length of time, back pain, hips, comcast
    Trying to figure out if my back pain is like others. The pain is in the lower left side and groin area of both hips. I have trouble reaching my feet t - 78% more...
    Sseventy- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  15. link Reet
    I am a 43 year old female that has been on Lipitor for 2 years. I recently increased my dosage from 10 - 20 mg (even though I've been on 20mg before) - 84% more...
    Reet- over a year ago
  16. link Franktaylor
    Muscle damage
    I'm 64 years of age and I was on Lipitor for about 3 years,I stopped by accident...My prescription had run out and the doctor was on vacation...Lo and - 73% more...
    Franktaylor- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Lipitor
  17. link Ktess
    I am 58 years of age. Around eight years ago I was put on lipitor. After 8 months I couldn't walk. Never did my doctor do a bloodtest until the day I - 88% more...
    Ktess- over a year ago
  18. link Neckpainnelda
    Lipitor arteries of the heart, sides of her feet, cholesterol level, flax oil, pain in the leg
    I was 50 and the doctor prescribed lipitor 10mg since my cholesterol had doubled in the past twelve months to 300. I took it for four months and began - 95% more...
    Neckpainnelda- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Lipitor
  19. link Philipbb2
    I came off lipitor two months ago because of serious side effects which affected my legs. I am in a lot of pain still and cannot walk without a stick. - 85% more...
    Philipbb2- over a year ago
  20. link Dohbet
    Pain at back of my neck
    I've been taking lipitor and has been on and off. Everytime I take it, my muscle started to get weak. The latest effect of lipitor started when I turn - 78% more...
    Dohbet- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
  21. link Swedish
    All statins (Simvastatin = Zocor, Lipitor, Pravachol, Crestor etc) have similar side effects. If you want to learn more about them read patient storie - 90% more...
    Swedish- over a year ago
  22. link Srini0101
    I am loosing my vision because of Lipitor
    I am a 45 year old male of South Asian descent residing in Canada. I was diagnosed with high cholestrol 4 years back and was put on 20mg of Lipitor. W - 90% more...
    Srini0101- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Lipitor
  23. link Dohbet
    Sound familiar. You had the same symptom as my father after my dad stop taking lipitor. He got cured within a year with some help. Here what he do. - - 79% more...
    Dohbet- over a year ago
  24. link Abull
    Lipitor allergic conjunctivitis, exema, office today, lips, omega 3 fatty acids
    I have been taking Lipitor 20 mg for 4 months. Six to eight weeks ago I developed exema, allergic conjunctivitis and burning/swelling of my lips. I sa - 53% more...
    Abull- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Lipitor
  25. link Rong
    Had done a search because of extreme dryness of skin. I've been on Lipitor for 5 years. After reading your articles it explains other affects I hadn't - 46% more...
    Rong- over a year ago
  26. link Phylisrn
    Lisinopril rib cage pain, dry cough, breath heart, labetalol, heart palpitations
    I am actually crying as I had no idea what was wrong with me. I have been on Lisionopril now for about 5 years at 40 mg/day. During those five years I - 90% more...
    Phylisrn- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Lisinopril
  27. link Dianeh
    I've had problems with dry choking cough on any of the 'pril' BP drugs. Other people can take it for years and not have problems but 2 months into it - 63% more...
    Dianeh- over a year ago
  28. link Coyote1952
    Lisinopril benicar, insurance companies, cough, insurance, benecar
    This Drug is dangerous to to 25% of its users I am taking another drug Benicar and not having anything close the the side affects.The insurance compan - 66% more...
    Coyote1952- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lisinopril
  29. link Tram7777777
    Tram7777777- over a year ago
  30. link Sharron
    scared now
    I tried first Lipitor, then Pravastin and could not tolerate them. Now my doctor has prescribed Welchol. After reading all the complaints people have - 76% more...
    Sharron- over a year ago - in Welchol
  31. link Lizardr
    How long does it take to get Lipitor out of your system?
    Been taking 10mg lipitor for 3 mos. have experienced several side effects recently, so I'm taking myself off of it. It has been 2 days and the severe - 65% more...
    Lizardr- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Lipitor
  32. link Joanz
    Wow. I was on 20mg Lipitor for 1-1/2 months. My eyelids started drying up. Very flaky and purplish/red on the lids after about 3 weeks into Lipitor. T - 84% more...
    Joanz- over a year ago