1. link Strub
    Chantix going through the motions, happy dreams, 33 years, good mood, playtime
    I'm experiencing positive effects. I have been more alert, confident, attentive, and worry less. I seem to be living life instead of just going throug - 68% more...
    Strub- over a year ago - in Chantix
  2. link Velveeta
    Chantix hidden messages, thoughts of suicide, bruise, detachment, paranoia
    The nausea is tolerable, generally short-lived as long as I eat prior to taking the Chantix and drink plenty of water. I have a sense of...fogginess.. - 89% more...
    Velveeta- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Chantix
  3. link Strub
    I'm experiencing the opposite. I have been more alert, confident, attentive, and worry less. I seem to be living life instead of just going through th - 69% more...
    Strub- over a year ago
  4. link Ashley1728
    what to do
    I get headaches almost everyday if not then 4-6 times a week, I have since I was 12 years old and I am now 20 years old.. sometimes they are really re - 76% more...
    Ashley1728- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Headache
  5. link Robin43
    There are a ton of reasons you could be having headaches.....just what you wanted to hear, right? lol I got my first one at age 13 or so. I have migra - 85% more...
    Robin43- over a year ago
  6. link J_perschall
    Clindesse pottery clay, bv, surprise, reoccuring, cigarettes
    Started taking 2 1/2 days ago for BV. Also taking Flagyl. I have noticed a thick discharge that resembles pottery clay!! I've heard the grayish discha - 46% more...
    J_perschall- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Clindesse
  7. link Cmolaison
    Is this your first time having BV? I was just wondering if you have had it before and how it was treated before. I have had reoccuring BV for many yea - 43% more...
    Cmolaison- over a year ago
  8. link Nhavers
    Lamictal physical exercise, physical health, 4 months, heartbeat, lungs
    Took Lamictal for 4 months to treat schizoaffective disorder - in that time it completely changed my physical health. I went from a person who used to - 77% more...
    Nhavers- over a year ago - in Lamictal
  9. link Onmyway31
    Wellbutrin stressful event, personal issues, single mother, bouts, six hours
    I have been on Wellbutrin for about a month. I am 31 and have never dealt with depression in the past. After a year and a half of one stressful event - 96% more...
    Onmyway31- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Wellbutrin
  10. link Rastusmcnair
    I'm with you. I've been on generic Wellbutrin for over 6 years now. The first few weeks were kind of tough. Anxious, jittery, sleeping difficulty and - 80% more...
    Rastusmcnair- over a year ago
  11. link Bridgett_712
    my symptoms
    is it normal while on femcon to think i am pregnant?
    Bridgett_712- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Femcon FE
  12. link Kristinakipp
    Safety information you should know: Oral contraceptives are not for everybody. Most side effects of the Pill are not serious and those that are, occur - 80% more...
    Kristinakipp- over a year ago
  13. link Whininguser
    Levaquin burning garbage, delicious food, nauseous, antibiotic, cigarettes
    My dad who's 52 had a fever and flu last week. The doctor gave him 10 pills of Levaquin (500mg) and said this was a very good antibiotic. After taking - 66% more...
    Whininguser- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levaquin
  14. link Flowerchild21
    Rapid weight gain
    I am 51 yrs old and have had COPD for 5 years. I am on oxygen 24/7. I have had many hospitalizations since 2003 and I must say, quantities of antibiot - 92% more...
    Flowerchild21- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in PredniSONE
  15. link Oliviamontes
    March 5, 2008 I was diagnosed with Opticn Neuritis - IV in the hand 500mg every 6 hrs for 5 days - got my eyesight back as the medication relieved the - 91% more...
    Oliviamontes- over a year ago
  16. link U2treasure
    Vicodin visa versa, somas, amphetamines, cupboards, 3am
    I take vicodin with soma. If I stay up and wait for relief of pain, pain begins to subside and I pick up dirty glasses left out and head for the kitch - 75% more...
    U2treasure- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Vicodin
  17. link Lisahurts
    I feel exactly the same way. I'm taking Soma with Codeine and Vicodin 750 and all I want to do is clean and smoke cigarettes. When the pill wears off - 52% more...
    Lisahurts- over a year ago
  18. link Freeatlast2008
    Chantix milk of magnesia, coming in waves, weird dreams, crankiness, cold turkey
    Chantix immediately eliminated the effects of nicotine on my brain. I smoked like crazy for the first couple of days, trying to get SOMETHING out of a - 87% more...
    Freeatlast2008- over a year ago - in Chantix
  19. link Marykay609
    Mirena heavy periods, breakthrough bleeding, drugs and alcohol, mood swings, hot flashes
    Thank God for the internet. Seriously. I am really trying to give Mirena a fair trial, however, some of the side effects are worrying me. I have been - 84% more...
    Marykay609- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena
  20. link Tigerheartedrebel
    NuvaRing degenerative disc disease, moth to a flame, convenience sake, kidney infections, pelvic inflamatory
    This site is like a moth to a flame for me. I took my damned ring out a week & a half ago after finding this site & reading so many testimonie - 94% more...
    Tigerheartedrebel- over a year ago - in NuvaRing
  21. link Aglqtpie81
    NuvaRing acne problems, birth control, hormones, acne, 3 years
    Obviously this is just not the right birth control for some of you. I have actually felt better since I started NuvaRing almost 3 years ago. I'm afrai - 59% more...
    Aglqtpie81- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in NuvaRing
  22. link Tigerheartedrebel
    You know, it's like saying that just because some people don't get cancer from smoking cigarettes are still a good product. If you'd had 15 months of - 58% more...
    Tigerheartedrebel- over a year ago
  23. link Spacetime
    Singulair mood swings, incentive system, little angel, antihistamine, withdrawal symptoms
    Hi again. I posted January, 25th, 2008, and am posting again to update anyone concerned. MY EXPERIENCE SUMMARISED: MY DAUGHTER TOOK 3 DAYS TO WITHDRAW - 95% more...
    Spacetime- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Singulair
  24. link Singanyway
    PredniSONE chin ups, insatiable appetite, bad shape, strenth, weepy
    I was given prednisone for the second time this year having never taken it. 1st time was for an allergic reaction to sulfa, thought I was having a hea - 95% more...
    Singanyway- over a year ago - in PredniSONE
  25. link Kanderson
    Chantix weird dreams, go back to sleep, nauseaus, monday mornings, last tuesday
    I picked a quit date of Tuesday, because I wanted to smoke the weekend out and I hate Monday mornings going to work so I thought Tuesday would be bett - 85% more...
    Kanderson- over a year ago - in Chantix
  26. link Stushio1222
    smoking and drinking
    can you smoke cigarettes occasionally or drink alchohol while taking 75 mg of synthroid for hypothyroidism?
    Stushio1222- over a year ago - in Synthroid
  27. link Yasminsufferer67
    Yasmin wearing contact lenses, lumps in the breast, severe stomach pain, breast tenderness, triglyceride levels
    SIDE EFFECTS OF YASMIN AS NOTED ON THE INISERT THAT COMES WITH THE PRESCRIPTION: Nausea vomiting headache diarrhea bleeding between menstrual periods - 95% more...
    Yasminsufferer67- over a year ago - in Yasmin