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  1. link Hmattingly
    Wellbutrin SR optimum balance, energizing effects, norepinephrine, dopamine, serotonin
    I just started taking the generic Wellbutrin SL 150mg last month. I was on generic Zoloft and felt like it had not been working for a few years (well, - 91% more...
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  2. link Oceancat
    There's no reason why you can't take your regular Zoloft with the Wellbutrin. To put it in basic terms, probably the calming serotonin in Zoloft is ne - 68% more...
    Oceancat- over a year ago
  3. link Desoljo
    Advair Diskus asthma medication, cause hair loss, pony tail, advair, tomorrow today
    I have had EXTREME hair loss and I did not know what from. I never thought it was my advair. I checked all of my other medications and only one other - 85% more...
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  4. link Jpnmo
    I developed a dry hacking cough several months ago and believed it was caused by an ace inhibitor I was taking. I stopped that medication, but the cou - 93% more...
    Jpnmo- over a year ago
  5. link Simlin
    Lisinopril bladder pain, bladder infection, stomach cramping, digestive organs, leg cramps
    For October 18th Earlier this past summer I took this drug for ninety two days after I was prescribed this medication when I visited t - 97% more...
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  6. link Burtbrown_100
    Wellbutrin st johns wart, hand tremors, sexual side effects, lack of motivation, welbutrin
    I've been on Welbutrin for about six months, along with Zoloft. I had tried it because of the lack of motivation and the lithergy I was feeling (I sus - 95% more...
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  7. link Wist75
    Lisinopril vitamin b2, lisino, lozengers, night sweats, yeast infections
    Hi, I have just started Lisinopril today, and wanted to search the internet on side effects. I was taking atenolol and felt I was on the right blood p - 94% more...
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  8. link Wist75
    I am posting my lisinpril side effects after taking for a week and I really have none except the throat is sore and only slightly and not all the time - 90% more...
    Wist75- over a year ago
  9. link Shootmo
    Trileptal trileptol, norepinephrin, cymbalta, redbull, red bull
    I have been taking 1200mg of trileptal for about two years and just switched from cymbalta to prozac. All i want to do is sleep. Im drinking red bull - 69% more...
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  10. link Secretgarden
    Lisinopril extreme fatigue, rapid pulse, metoprolol, breathing problems, shortness of breath
    I started taking 10 mg. of Lisinopril on July 8, 2008. At first, I experienced extreme fatigue and weakness. However, this wore off after a few days. - 86% more...
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  11. link Jenmeds
    I started taking lisinopril on April 7, by June I couldn't get that deep breath like when you yawn, but felt like I needed to, my pulmonary dr. said i - 86% more...
    Jenmeds- over a year ago
  12. link Grayboy
    Lisinopril going to the bathroom, lovastatin, appt, cough, blood pressure
    I am a 50 year old female and started taking 10 mg of Lisinopril about 2 months ago for HBP. I also take Lovastatin with no problems for about 2 years - 87% more...
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  13. link Jenmeds
    I started taking the drug in April and in June, I can't get a deep breath when I need pulmonary doc said the ace inhibitor in that drug is res - 39% more...
    Jenmeds- over a year ago
  14. link Hwylder
    Lisinopril lisiniprol, kidney protection, rheumotoid arthritis, blood sugars, 3 doctors
    I was on Lisiniprol for 91 days as an ACE inhibitor for diabetes and kidney protection. All was find except for a constant feeling of burning blood al - 91% more...
    Hwylder- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  15. link Fibaguy
    Lisinopril triple antibiotic ointment, diaper rash ointment, heat rash, jock itch, upper thighs
    I have been io Lisinopril for several months, and the only side effect I can say is a VERY ANNOYING rash on the inside of my upper thighs. It comes an - 75% more...
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  16. link Hwylder
    Hello. I commiserate with you. I started Lisinopril in Novevmber as a preventative ACE inhibitor for my diabetes. Exactly 91 days later I started with - 84% more...
    Hwylder- over a year ago
  17. link Seashell2
    Lisinopril snake venom, blood pressure medicine, ace inhibitor, shingles, numbness
    I want to add something to my original post. I only took this med for 10 days (5mg) and was miserable. After 3 weeks I was beginning to feel better (h - 84% more...
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  18. link Frightenedmother
    Singulair zyrtec, different companies, medication, chemical composition, organic chem
    SINGULAIR AND ZYRTEC SAME MEDICATION made by different companies. Be careful!
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  19. link Zsmom
    Can you give more info? To my knowledge Zyrtec is an antihistamine and Singulair a leukotriene inhibitor. They target different substances in the body - 47% more...
    Zsmom- over a year ago
  20. link Msgulfgirl
    Every muscle in my body aches,
    Because I sleep so much, my back and ribs get so sore. Also, I feel like my muscles are weakening. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Does th - 95% more...
    Msgulfgirl- over a year ago - 32 Replies - in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  21. link Katherineelaine
    I agree with Tansie77. Get your Thyroid checked. I had these symptoms also and found out I had HYPOTHYROIDISM. I thought I had fibromyalgia but it was - 83% more...
    Katherineelaine- over a year ago
  22. link Ferbee
    question about bupropion hydrochloride SR
    do you consider this a dangerous drug and I can you tell me what are the active ingredients in this drug. My doctor told me it is pure. I do not have - 38% more...
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  23. link Rioneat
    The active ingredient of buproprion hydrochloride is bupropion. It works by increasing the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in your brain to reli - 73% more...
    Rioneat- over a year ago
  24. link Dianenurse
    Paxil sexual appetite, sleep etc, nurse manager, lack of sleep, memory loss
    I have been on Paxil off and on now for about 5 years.... the current length of treatment for the past 1 1/2 years. I need to be on it ( or something - 93% more...
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  25. link Begail
    Lisinopril dizzy spells, ace inhibitor, micardis, ace inhibitors, noticeable effects
    I was diagnosed with hbp in January 2008 (197/112), my Doctor prescribed Micardis to which I had few side effects limited only to 2 weeks of muscle an - 86% more...
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  26. link Mtv6357
    NuvaRing female doctors, cause dizziness, diet and exercise plans, work out routine, fellow women
    IN RESPONSE TO THE PREVIOUS POST: STAND UP FOR FELLOW WOMEN Because this is exactly the type of thing M.D.s will feed you as they're pushing pills. &q - 97% more...
    Mtv6357- over a year ago - in NuvaRing
  27. link Lilyjaymes
    NuvaRing depression anxiety, tender breasts, mood swings, vengence, physical changes
    I cannot disagree with these negative postings more. I absolutely love the nuvaring. I have not gained any weight...of course I diet & exercise ab - 92% more...
    Lilyjaymes- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in NuvaRing
  28. link Mtv6357
    you: "...I have not gained any weight...of course I diet & excercise about 5 days a those of you who have experienced weight gain - 97% more...
    Mtv6357- over a year ago
  29. link Stackmama
    Seroquel hand tremors, suicidal depression, restless legs, panic attacks, insomnia
    hated it. It was prescribed for insomnia and anxiety. Worked at first for the insomnia at 25 mg, then had to go up to 50 mg and barely worked then. My - 58% more...
    Stackmama- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Seroquel
  30. link Pallas89
    Your issues are not with Seroquel. You don't need to "ween" off Seroquel. It has one of the shortest half lives of any drug. Seroquel is NOT - 91% more...
    Pallas89- over a year ago