Charley horse


  1. link Tracieas
    Levaquin charley horse, advil, nightmares, headache, sleep
    I was prescribed Levaquin because 'my body was fighting some sort of infection'. I was told to take it in the am since it had a side effect of causing - 87% more...
    Tracieas- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  2. link Skhaydin
    Mirena constant headaches, pulmonary embolism, blood thinners, dead horse, ovaries
    Not to beat a dead horse...I had Mirena put in in January of 2008 following a pulmonary embolism. I couldn't be on any birth control containing estrog - 77% more...
    Skhaydin- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena
  3. link Mssolo
    Singulair leg cramps, horror stories, suicidal thoughts, different stages, pharmacists
    My seven year old son has been on Singulair for a year and half. He would get angry but he's a kid...and I didn't think anything of it. Then the heada - 80% more...
    Mssolo- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Singulair
  4. link Johnssugar
    Mirena tingling in arms and legs, sore stomach, depression anxiety, bladder infection, tingling in arms
    I had my Mirena inserted about 4 months ago and I have felt like I'm falling apart ever since. I have experienced the following symptoms: numbness/tin - 86% more...
    Johnssugar- over a year ago - 19 Replies - in Mirena
  5. link Mdudek86
    Hi Shelby!!! I just had Mirena implanted yesterday!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me. So far, nothing unusual I guess, some cramping, bleeding, bloa - 69% more...
    Mdudek86- over a year ago
  6. link Asgtiger
    Aviane beating a dead horse, military healthcare, military career, hairline, regrowth
    I set out this morning to do some internet research on women's hair loss and I am SO glad that I ended up here. My hair has been thinning slowly but s - 94% more...
    Asgtiger- over a year ago - in Aviane
  7. link Kpruett
    Lisinopril leg and foot cramps, charley horses, sternum, thighs
    charley horses in my thighs, tight leg and foot cramps in the night, and sternum, neck, finger and hand cramps.
    Kpruett- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  8. link Lisinoprilsucks
    Lisinopril leg cramps, leg and foot cramps, charley horses, forteo, lisinopril
    The leg cramps at 3 in the morning are KILLIN ME!!!!
    Lisinoprilsucks- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  9. link Kpruett
    Had to take Lisinopril for 2 mos. in addition to already being on Forteo, another med. that has cramps listed as a side effect. I had the cramps from - 74% more...
    Kpruett- over a year ago
  10. link Pjm1206
    Yasmin charlie horse cramps, heart palpitations chest, chest tightness, lovenox, left knee
    I stumbled on this site while doing research on DVT's. I am a nurse and was on YAZ continuously (skipping the inactive pills and going straight to a n - 86% more...
    Pjm1206- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Yasmin
  11. link Hlashonda
    Mirena class action suit, lower back pain, mood swings, charlie horse, cysts
    I had my mirena inserted in Mar/Apr of 2007 and I experienced nothing but hell like the rest of you. Following insertion I was dizzy, had horrible moo - 90% more...
    Hlashonda- over a year ago - in Mirena
  12. link Racehorse5050
    Januvia carbs, insulin, primary care
    The first day I took Januvia was Oct.25 2008. That afternoon I passed out while riding my horse fell on my head and was in a coma for 3 days and in th - 71% more...
    Racehorse5050- over a year ago - in Januvia
  13. link Snoopy45
    Levaquin planet of the apes, pain in the calf, doctors office, charley horse, golf balls
    I was prescribed 7 Levaquin (3- 750mg and 4- 500mg) on Friday December 12th 2008 for an ear infection. I was to take the 3- 750mg ones for the next 3 - 96% more...
    Snoopy45- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Levaquin
  14. link Malmcclennon
    Mirena pussies, supplements, mood swings, unfortunatly, taking the risk
    I don't know what is wrong with you people but its like you can't handle anything. I had the mirena put in November last year and yeah ok i had crampi - 93% more...
    Malmcclennon- over a year ago - 13 Replies - in Mirena
  15. link Cw2bf
    Please be careful, up there on that horse of yours. I am glad you have had only a positive experience, but saddened that you feel it gives you the rig - 96% more...
    Cw2bf- over a year ago
  16. link Sarahfisher
    Mirena mental fog, mood swings, charlie horse, heavy flow, bloating and gas
    i got mirena put in April 1st of 2008, considering removal. At first i bled like crazy, extremely heavy flow for 18-20 days long. They did start to li - 88% more...
    Sarahfisher- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Mirena
  17. link Leshephe
    Mirena back cramps, bladder function, gall bladder, internal med, post natal women
    I had a gorgeous baby girl in April. My future husband and I spoke about our B.C. options after her birth and decided that the Mirena would work great - 96% more...
    Leshephe- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Mirena
  18. link Charleyhorse
    Flomax severe muscle cramps, diruetic, dull ache, mental confusion, sense of urgency
    I have been on Flomax less than a week. Already I am seeing signs of mental confusion, being drowsy to the point of almost falling asleep at inopportu - 88% more...
    Charleyhorse- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Flomax
  19. link Tricial
    Seroquel persistant sore throat, premature ventricular contractions, mood swings, heart problem, light sleeper
    I have been on Seroquel for three days now...tonight will be my third night taking it and so far I've had severe persistent sore throat, stuffy nose [ - 93% more...
    Tricial- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Seroquel
  20. link C_veen_arde
    PredniSONE good night sleep, instant death, blood work, rashes, rash
    Hi everyone. I was prescribed prednisone for a hand injury that the swelling would not go down. I took it for 4 weeks. In the end of the first week I - 93% more...
    C_veen_arde- over a year ago - in PredniSONE
  21. link Alleghany
    Lisinopril numbness in left hand, cramps in legs, land surveying equipment, snake venom, old folks home
    I am a male 55. Started taking Altace 15 years ago. BP kept creeping up. I work outside for a living. Sometimes work is very hard, climbing mountains, - 83% more...
    Alleghany- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lisinopril
  22. link Gigimag
    Femcon FE emotional nightmare, heavy periods, leg cramping, luck sign, charlie horse
    I haven't taken the pill in 25 years. I'm now 42, having heavy periods every 2 weeks with heavy clotting for the last 8 months now. My husband and my - 82% more...
    Gigimag- over a year ago - in Femcon FE
  23. link Texastopaz
    Lipitor heart, dangerous drug, lipitor, cognitive side, human heart
    I took Lipitor since July & recently am S.O.B. and forgetful, forgetting things like my address, but scariest is my heart pounding & then comp - 60% more...
    Texastopaz- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Lipitor
  24. link Oldcarpetcleaner
    I have had all the same as you described. As Bobby says above COQ10 I started with 3 x 100 mgs of ubiquinol spread through the day now down to 2. Long - 64% more...
    Oldcarpetcleaner- over a year ago