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  1. link Piedrk

    I just stopped taking a generic form of Loestrin for similar symptoms. I never had a "real" period on this medication. I was also having pro - 58% more...
    Piedrk- over a year ago - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  2. link Delaney
    Synthroid stomach area, total thyroidectomy, hair thinning, bloated, brittle
    Had total thyroidectomy 9 months ago and started taking Synthroid immediately thereafter. For the last 4 months I have noticed significant hair thinni - 69% more...
    Delaney- over a year ago - 22 Replies - in Synthroid
  3. link Kdsntow4
    I also know someone who was on synthroid and it was not working so they switched to Armour Thyroid which is a natural medication made from pig thyroid - 57% more...
    Kdsntow4- over a year ago
  4. link Rnmom3
    Wellbutrin budeprion sr, class action lawsuit, severe headaches, swollen lips, drug allergies
    Why is there not a class action lawsuit against the makers of generic Wellbutrin-bupropion xl??? I'm an RN who tried taking it after not wanting side - 82% more...
    Rnmom3- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Wellbutrin
  5. link Tscov
    I had six months of undiagnosed DEBILITATING PAIN that was not controlled by pain medication. I also was an emotional wreck. I cried at the drop of a - 86% more...
    Tscov- over a year ago
  6. link Pat1966
    Synthroid stomach ache, stomach problems, levoxyl, endocrinologist, internist
    I was put on Synthroid and noticed that while waiting the 30 minutes between taking it and eating my breakfast I developed a terrible stomach ache. At - 79% more...
    Pat1966- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Synthroid
  7. link Hypothyroidbeth
    I've gotten stomach aches from my thyroid prescriptions as well. The first time, it was improved by changing brands (different brands contain differen - 78% more...
    Hypothyroidbeth- over a year ago
  8. link Columbusted
    Etodolac Versus Lodine
    Is Etodolac and Lodine the same thing? Do they serve the same purpose? Thanks Ted Roberts
    Columbusted- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lodine
  9. link Cokey52
    As far as I know, Etodolac is a generic form of lodine.
    Cokey52- over a year ago
  10. link Writing09
    Topamax weeken, mg tablets, seizures, meds, 19 years
    Im taking the Generice Topamax and started in in may of 2020 memorial weekend and now i,m up to three 100 mg tablets a day , I used to take the Depaka - 78% more...
    Writing09- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Topamax
  11. link Sherice
    Be careful with topiramate I think this is the generic for Topamax. I experienced extreme hair loss along with the typical side affects on the prescri - 44% more...
    Sherice- over a year ago
  12. link Pocoloco
    Lactaid lactaid pills, metallic taste in my mouth, lactaid milk, severe stomach pain, pain threshold
    About eight to ten years ago i had a violent reaction to lactaid. I had taken it numerous time before with no problems and then I woke up one morning - 93% more...
    Pocoloco- over a year ago - 82 Replies - in Lactaid
  13. link Boywonder
    Just to keep this post fresh, I'm having the same problems. I had Fast Act pills and some generic walgreens brand. Taking the Walgreens brand, I had b - 72% more...
    Boywonder- over a year ago
  14. link Sunshine42
    About a year ago, I took a generic form of lactaid pill and that night, I slept in the bathroom with severe cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. I though it - 85% more...
    Sunshine42- over a year ago
  15. link Lindzmarie
    Yasmin focal nodular hyperplasia, birth control pills, liver specialist, liver resection, ku med
    To all the women still taking this drug: I beg you to stop taking this medication and read all of the posts on this site!!!! Here is my story... I was - 93% more...
    Lindzmarie- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Yasmin
  16. link Monday1
    my gf has been on yaz for several months the her dr put her on a generic version of it. see ran out a month ago and is complaining of swollen abdomen, - 58% more...
    Monday1- over a year ago
  17. link Kwiatrose
    Those with half thyroid out there? Not taking meds?
    Four years ago I had 1/2 my thyroid removed for a surgical biopsy. Thankfully it wasn't cancer but I've been on levoxyl ever since and have had some s - 81% more...
    Kwiatrose- over a year ago - 45 Replies - in Thyroid Diseases
  18. link Kwiatrose
    Jobella....I was taking levoxyl (they say it's generic for synthroid) and felt horrible the entire time!! Ask your doctor to switch you to Armour Thyr - 68% more...
    Kwiatrose- over a year ago
  19. link Felix106
    Wellbutrin ringing in the ears, cloudy eyes, hyperfocus, social anxiety, lethargy
    I have been taking the generic form of Wellbutrin (social anxiety with a touch of ADHD) for just over six months and as much as I hate to admit it, I - 95% more...
    Felix106- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Wellbutrin
  20. link Littlered1
    Hi, I have been on the generic Bupropion 300 mg. day 5. The 2 day I noticed I felt full and uncomfortable and shortness of breath. I have stairs in my - 78% more...
    Littlered1- over a year ago
  21. link Julieann
    Zoloft weaning off zoloft, post partum depression, have decided that, addicted to, sensations
    I am weaning off Zoloft. I began taking it in Nov. 2001 because I knew I would have post-partum depression since I had it with my first two. Zoloft ch - 94% more...
    Julieann- over a year ago - 7 Replies - in Zoloft
  22. link Mnlawson
    I am currently in the middle of weaning off of zoloft (generic). I am three days into being on 25mg. I was at 100mg, then down to 50mg and now to 25mg - 77% more...
    Mnlawson- over a year ago
  23. link Cwk
    Flushing (red palms), cough, weight gain, water retention, hoarseness
    Wow! I feel so enlightened after reading these posts! I recently took MYSELF off Lotrel after having a BP of 106/73 at a thyroid check-up. I have been - 96% more...
    Cwk- over a year ago - in Lotrel
  24. link Pill_awareness
    Report These Symptoms To The FDA
    As I continue to monitor this site I'm saddened to see everyone who is continuing to have problems with Tri-Sprintec. My daughter passed away from thi - 80% more...
    Pill_awareness- over a year ago - in Tri-Sprintec
  25. link Lilly_bee
    valtrex generic not the same at Valtrex!!
    insurance company swapped me to generic. co-pay now $4.oo less than before, but still over $80.oo!! The Valtrex brand name works and worked great for - 76% more...
    Lilly_bee- over a year ago - in Valtrex
  26. link Lilly_bee
    valtrex generic not the same at Valtrex!!
    insurance company swapped me to generic. co-pay now $4.oo less than before, but still over $80.oo!! The Valtrex brand name works and worked great for - 76% more...
    Lilly_bee- over a year ago - in Valtrex
  27. link N2quality888
    Synthroid brain fog, eye sight, chest pain, fluttering heart, medical journal
    Hello To All, I too am on this med, I have been on it for 1 year as of July 2008- 35 pounds, brain fog, headaches, eye sight for reading, chest pain a - 69% more...
    N2quality888- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Synthroid
  28. link Zoescorp
    I love my Synthroid. I've been on it for 15 years after brief times taking Armour and Levo (generic). I feel absolutely Hypothyroid without my daily S - 79% more...
    Zoescorp- over a year ago
  29. link Lq425
    zoloft and hair loss
    I have had very thick hair, but now I noticed after my hair is washed a lot of hair in the drain. Dr. says no connection, but I wonder if anyone else - 25% more...
    Lq425- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Zoloft
  30. link Anonymous3
    I have been taking the generic form of Zoloft for 4 weeks now. I too have noticed a large amount of hair loss after a shower; after running a pick thr - 42% more...
    Anonymous3- over a year ago
  31. link Cocoabella
    Had to switch after 3 years!!!
    I was on Desogen since 2007 at first it was a heaven sent..........I had really short periods with minimal cramping, then all of a sudden this year th - 62% more...
    Cocoabella- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Desogen
  32. link Kwhiteley
    I switched from Marvelon to Apri this year because it was cheaper. After taking it for only 5 days, I had a severe heart attack (unbelievable amount o - 79% more...
    Kwhiteley- over a year ago
  33. link Johnnygaddar
    Avelox is Very Safe Medicine for pneumonia
    Last month my friend suffered from pneumonia and he ordered avelox 400mg medicines from [link removed]. It helps him a lot. The Avelox 400mg is awesom - 51% more...
    Johnnygaddar- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Avelox