1. link Bikergirl
    Levaquin medical establishment, sinus infection, drs, innocuous, sudafed
    I've taken Levaquin before with no ill effects. This time around for a sinus infection...I'm 5 days into tx and last night I couldn't sleep at all. Se - 92% more...
    Bikergirl- over a year ago - in Levaquin
  2. link Rei3
    Singulair herbal cures, nasty taste, nasty nasty, azmacort, pms
    HUNGER..i ate a 7/11 big bite for breakfast the otehr day!! GROSS!! also pms'ing though. Nasty nasty taste in my mouth, anxiety, heart palps, the work - 38% more...
    Rei3- over a year ago - in Singulair
  3. link Michelle82
    Ativan panick attacks, frequency, ing, insomnia
    Ativan is a complete life saver. I was experiencing criple-ing panick attacks and sleeplessness. I take an ativan whenever one comes on and it levels - 31% more...
    Michelle82- over a year ago - in Ativan
  4. link Jpstahl
    Flexeril anyone else noticed, mg dose, rib cage, muscle tissue, sensitive person
    After falling on my right rib cage, tearing muscle tissue, I was precribed a 5mg dose- 1-3 times daily. Usually, I only needed to take one during the - 83% more...
    Jpstahl- over a year ago - in Flexeril
  5. link Ccdunes
    wild stories no doubt... I had a buddy who traded a perfectly fine 1989 Nissan Maxima for 25 OC's. A total stranger offered me $100 for one oxy 40. (p - 93% more...
    Ccdunes- over a year ago - in OxyContin