1. link Vicoriana
    Nexium hip pain, arent worth, bad rash, itchy skin, dangerous drug
    Very bad rash that a week later has not gone away. Nexium actually burned my skin! I look like I have color like I just came from the beach. This is a - 75% more...
    Vicoriana- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Nexium
  2. link Jwhitehead
    Are you still hypersensitive? I'm curious because I had the EXACT same thing PLUS additional, horrific side effects just 3 weeks after the initial dos - 89% more...
    Jwhitehead- over a year ago
  3. link Msbelle
    Levaquin albuterol inhaler, torn tendon, leviquin, muscle cramps, chronic bronchitis
    I was prescribed Levaquin 1000 mg. for 5 days for pneumonia the last week of December 2006. I was also prescribed Prednisone. Everything I ate tasted - 91% more...
    Msbelle- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Levaquin
  4. link Giulia613
    I was hoping to hear from msbelle. After reading your posting I umderstood entirely now where my pains were coming from. I was in the same exact situa - 73% more...
    Giulia613- over a year ago
  5. link Skye1289
    Singulair suicide notes, suicide hotline, professional intervention, adolescent angst, filling out forms
    My husband and I have been increasingly worried about our 11 year old son lately. He had been becoming increasingly unhappy and difficult. He was in t - 95% more...
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  6. link Momof1son
    Singulair singulair side effects, facial tic, poor appetite, leg pains, restlessness
    i am so happy to hear all of these stories of recovery. i discovered my son's singulair side effects in march 2007, after 3 years of use. i can tell y - 83% more...
    Momof1son- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Singulair
  7. link Benitez91
    It is great to hear that not all kids have such a rapid response. I have not posted my story yet on this site, but it so very similiar to yours. My da - 92% more...
    Benitez91- over a year ago
  8. link Sweetdreams
    neck pinched nerve
    I have a bone spur at the top of my spine which occasionally drives me crazy where I can't find a comfortable position to sleep. It's because my spine - 80% more...
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  9. link Johnsmith
    well If you lived in a big city I would advice to find a really good phsyotherapist/chiropractor that coul make it completly go away in a few appointm - 72% more...
    Johnsmith- over a year ago
  10. link Cdgrant
    I hope Merck is reading this
    My 20 year old daughter has been on singulair for 6 to 7 years with almost all of these side effects - it has affected her whole life. If going off of - 70% more...
    Cdgrant- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Singulair
  11. link Foxhlam
    Singulair adhd medications, anxiety disorder, best guess, s hospital, asperger
    I have been crying for almost 24 hours now. I cannot believe what I am reading and hearing about Singulair. My son has been to hell and back again and - 95% more...
    Foxhlam- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Singulair
  12. link Texasmom21
    Singulair state mental hospital, risperdol, www myspace, symptoms of anxiety, recurrance
    My 20 year old daughter suffered with asthma since the age of two. She took theophylline for years, but once singulair came out and we switched it was - 91% more...
    Texasmom21- over a year ago - in Singulair
  13. link Candyland
    Gardasil recommended age range, headache medicine, granola bar, excedrin, motrin
    I received the vaccination Tuesday at 9:30 am, and i was nausea with a headache all day yesterday. Now it is 7:30pm on Wednesday and I still feel naus - 84% more...
    Candyland- over a year ago - in Gardasil
  14. link Fishnhnt
    Lipitor mild heart attack, mild heart attack, rollerblade, rollerblade, numbness
    I have been on Lipitor for several years after experiencing a mild heart attack at age 54. Considering I roller blade and bike and use weight training - 79% more...
    Fishnhnt- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  15. link Mandabella
    Effexor groin area, brain chemistry, personality flaws, having an orgasm, human functions
    Effexor XR worked at getting rid of a deep depression when nothing else seemed to help, made me less irritable and more pleasant to be around and reki - 90% more...
    Mandabella- over a year ago - in Effexor
  16. link Ibsqueen
    Yasmin birth control, moths, ibs symptoms, frequent periods, ortho tri cyclen
    I'm so happy I found this site. I've been thinking I'm crazy or just getting old for the last 3 years while on Yasmin. I started taking it at age 29 a - 94% more...
    Ibsqueen- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in Yasmin
  17. link Kathyw
    I just wanted to share my story with you so that you will know that you are not alone. Last year I started taking Yasmin to try and regulate my period - 94% more...
    Kathyw- over a year ago
  18. link Platinum81
    Perforated uterus, Merina lost inside me...
    Has anyone else suffered from their coil ending up in their body cavity? All I can think is that the doctor that put it in said how long my cervix was - 79% more...
    Platinum81- over a year ago - 22 Replies - in Mirena
  19. link Mushroom22
    My god, I hope your ok. I have heard about this happening but it is said to be very rare.I would demand appointments and for something to be done for - 11% more...
    Mushroom22- over a year ago
  20. link Martinsmom
    Levaquin sinus surgery, ear nose throat, severe headaches, medical doctors, sinuses
    My son is 16 years old, a wrestler, and was in excellent health. He developed sinus issues and had surgery on September 17, 2007 (he had a headache on - 96% more...
    Martinsmom- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Levaquin
  21. link Bekki70
    After an MRI, I was diagnosed as having arthritis in my cervical spine. The doctor's recommended steroid injections. The nurse that scheduled the trea - 78% more...
    Bekki70- over a year ago - in Kenalog
  22. link Chaenoe
    Mirena merina, 3 month, tubes tied, gyno, breastfeeding
    i got my mirena inserted in august 2006 wanted get tubes tied but the gyno said the mirena is reversible if anything was to happen to my kids. i was s - 79% more...
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  23. link Jkeasley
    NuvaRing nuva ring, experience depression, intense sadness, rhythm method, job offer
    I first used the nuva ring in the summer of 2005. I was in a terrible relationship with an alcoholic and not living a very healthy lifestyle. I had go - 95% more...
    Jkeasley- over a year ago - in NuvaRing
  24. link Minocinsuxx
    Minocin prescription drugs, psych ward, extreme paranoia, depression, tetracyclin
    Complete Nightmare. Please read...I was on Minocin for a week. I developed major CNS (central nervous system) side effects including major light sensi - 92% more...
    Minocinsuxx- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Minocin
  25. link Itzmeee2003
    Lamictal my credit score, memory laps, psycho therapist, medication, night terrors
    Started Lamictal after a suicide attempt. Thinking this drug would help, I took the medication with anticipation. I have been taking it for 2 1/2 year - 90% more...
    Itzmeee2003- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lamictal
  26. link Amandabland
    i was struck by your posting because i relate %100 percent. i certainly am not as organized, energetic and over-achieving as i used to be. ironically, - 90% more...
    Amandabland- over a year ago
  27. link Tigerrs4
    Lupron endo, total hysterectomy, lupron injection, depo lupron, 3 days later
    In brief, I am a 35 year old mother of two. I have been suffering with endo since I am 14. I had a span of 4 years with no symptoms at all and in Sept - 94% more...
    Tigerrs4- over a year ago - in Lupron