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  1. link Joann46

    your post is the only one i have found that has issues with high blood pressure and loestrin. i am 46 years old. i had a child at age 44. my periods h - 91% more...
    Joann46- over a year ago - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  2. link Peach34
    Loestrin 24 Fe breast tenderness, muscle tension, birthcontrol, heavy bleeding, blood clots
    I have been taking Loestrin 24 Fe for 2wks and the side effects that I am having are that my headaches have intensed dramatically, breast tenderness, - 64% more...
    Peach34- over a year ago - 6 Replies - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  3. link Beautyacw
    i just started my second pack of pills and the side effects have definitely been severe. It started with severe breast tenderness/soreness, bad headac - 40% more...
    Beautyacw- over a year ago
  4. link Meganp1684
    Has anyone not gotten their period after taking the first pack of pills? It scares me
    Meganp1684- over a year ago
  5. link Joann46
    high blood pressure
    my gyno gave me three months of sample pills to see if they would help with my heavy bleeding and periods that i was having about every three months. - 82% more...
    Joann46- over a year ago - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  6. link Elise1966
    PredniSONE anxiety attacks, mood swings, weird mood, prednisone, bad case
    I was prescribed the 4mg methylprednisolone pack along with 50 mg tramadol for acute tendinitis in my wrist. I took the first 3 days of the prednisone - 95% more...
    Elise1966- over a year ago - 38 Replies - in PredniSONE
  7. link Joland17
    Joland- I was given the pack along with Percocet Acetominiphen 7.5 - 325mg Everything was fine the first few days. When I got to day 3, I snapped at m - 89% more...
    Joland17- over a year ago
  8. link Dclawson
    Yaz extreme thoughts, stomach pains, chronic fatigue, thoughts of suicide, obgyn
    Wow this site has been beneficial to me in understanding somethings going on with me physically and emotionally. I had endometriosis and my OBGYN reco - 80% more...
    Dclawson- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Yaz
  9. link Ropesmom
    Wow. I have been back on this pill for about 6 months now, and I thought it was the Holidays and dealing with my husband's shoulder surgery that were - 79% more...
    Ropesmom- over a year ago
  10. link Everclear1198

    I just started taking it about a month and a half ago i'm on my third week of pills on the second pack. I've never had a baby and with these pills i s - 71% more...
    Everclear1198- over a year ago - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  11. link Magnu
    Anyone Have Trouble with Prednisone Side Effects Even After Stopping?
    Last week I was diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis and was given Prednisone 5 x 50mg Prednisone to be taken once per day, as well as a Zpak. On day 3 of - 86% more...
    Magnu- over a year ago - 123 Replies - in PredniSONE
  12. link Hooco01
    Prednisone is a disaster drug. I am an asmathic diagnosed with pneumonia. My dr. directed me to take a Z Pack combined with the following 50mg per day - 81% more...
    Hooco01- over a year ago
  13. link Perez
    lipogen cost
    Does it work and how much does it cost daily??
    Perez- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipogen
  14. link Penny1
    Types of health claims The FDA allows companies to make three types of health-related claims on food packages: ■Nutrient-content claims ■Health claims - 75% more...
    Penny1- over a year ago
  15. link Tejano
    lipogen ps
    Is lipogen ps claim that it improves the brain by enhancing greater cognitive ability and retention capacity? I have tried many products with the same - 38% more...
    Tejano- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Lipogen
  16. link Penny1
    Types of health claims The FDA allows companies to make three types of health-related claims on food packages: ■Nutrient-content claims ■Health claims - 75% more...
    Penny1- over a year ago
  17. link Penny1
    Types of health claims The FDA allows companies to make three types of health-related claims on food packages: ■Nutrient-content claims ■Health claims - 72% more...
    Penny1- over a year ago
  18. link Tah2442
    Better after the third month........
    I did not experience any other side effects except breakthrough bleeding. I have never experienced this with my previous pill or when I switched to Ya - 83% more...
    Tah2442- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  19. link Yourstruly
    sore throat with sinus infection
    Hate antibiotics, usually go the pro biotic way. Felt really bad, and my throat really hurt so I gave in and went to the doc. Prescribed z pack. Read - 68% more...
    Yourstruly- over a year ago - in Azithromycin 5 Day Dose Pack
  20. link Stephalopolis
    really really light periods
    I have been on Loestrin 24 for over a year and I really like it except the last 2 months my period has not only come late but has barely even been a p - 80% more...
    Stephalopolis- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  21. link Shayrae7
    I'm on my 3rd week of my 7th month pack, and have a couple concerns. The first month I had two periods (at the beginning and the end) the next month w - 69% more...
    Shayrae7- over a year ago
  22. link Purrtylady25
    PredniSONE lower back pain, rapid heart, extreme weight, wks, nervousness
    I was recently diagnosed with asthma. I was given prednisone and asked to take it 1 time for 5 days then 1 time for 2 days then half a pill for 3 days - 71% more...
    Purrtylady25- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in PredniSONE
  23. link Kenneththomas1
    I am a 44 year old male who has survived two wars and I have to honestly say that I am scared of this medicine. I too, suffered major asthma symptoms - 93% more...
    Kenneththomas1- over a year ago
  24. link Wel
    I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by ALCON LABS. Two days later I was BLIND Use Google and enter EPOCRATES MA - 47% more...
    Wel- over a year ago - in Maxidex
  25. link Girl12345
    I am afraid of this!
    I am 22 and have never taken birth control, i am getting married in seven months so i have decided that i need to start with birth control. one of my - 45% more...
    Girl12345- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Loestrin 24 Fe
  26. link Ataraninja1
    I too am on Loestrin 24 Fe, and I like the pill personally. I'm on the second month right now. I did have an irregular bleeding midway through the sec - 81% more...
    Ataraninja1- over a year ago
  27. link Sachajoon
    My experience with seasonique not good!
    I started 5 months ago and shortly after felt deppressed it got worse. I cried every night and wanted to die. I didn't know what it was at that point - 73% more...
    Sachajoon- over a year ago - in Seasonique
  28. link Pandakim
    Zithromax Z-Pak chest congestion, sinus infection, taste buds, blood in the stool, flu like symptoms
    started Zpak last week for a lingering sinus infection. I live in an area where the weather changes constantly. Two days after I finished the 5day Zpa - 82% more...
    Pandakim- over a year ago - 8 Replies - in Zithromax Z-Pak
  29. link Jennifr1966
    My daughter, age 12, has BAD hives on her low back, most likely from the z-pak. (and they claim allergic reactions are UNcommon for z-pak?) we were at - 16% more...
    Jennifr1966- over a year ago
  30. link Ber1979

    I remember when I first started taking Jolessa, I spotted a bit probably through the first 3 months and then the next set but then after that it got o - 85% more...
    Ber1979- over a year ago - in Jolessa