Red blood cells


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    Heparin Sodium taking blood pressure, heprin, wif, nurse
    Can Heprin injection increase blood pressure. My wife had underwent a operation. Nurse will giev the heprin injection 1 in the morning and 1 in the ni - 56% more...
    Parthepan- over a year ago - in Heparin Sodium
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    Bactroban efudex cream, lession, cellulitis, antibiotics, bumps
    Bactroban caused my skin to turn bright red, itch and small bumps emerged. The side effect has lasted over a week since it was tested a 2nd time on my - 58% more...
    Firetect- over a year ago - in Bactroban
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    Ceclor high blood sugars
    high blood sugars
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    Lipitor red itchy eyes, intermittent pain, constipation, acetyl l carnitine, health food stores
    severe intermittent pain right heel, relieved only by walking - began after only 6 days of use red,itchy eyes - this increased with Lipitor constipati - 12% more...
    Joan_wood- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lipitor
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    Urecholine blood clots in urine, passing blood, clots in urine, friday afternoon, asthma
    The Doctor did not ask me if I had asthma which I do. Plus I started feeling bad and started passing blood and blood clots in urine within 4 days. Ass - 63% more...
    Myrnabowlin_mindspring_com- over a year ago - in Urecholine