CONDITIONS: Varicose Veins


  1. link Lita7790
    Mirena mirena coil, heavy periods, lower back pain, practice nurse, webside
    I had the Mirena fitted in May 08, and boy did I see hell before heaven, I wished I had seen this website befork agreeing to the Mirena. It was very p - 88% more...
    Lita7790- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Mirena
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    thanks for sharing your story....I am 51 had mine inserted for the same reasons you did. Am having mine removed in Nov. Had it inserted in Feb...sever - 38% more...
    Cherylkeim- over a year ago
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    Avelox sinus infection, prescription instructions, last spring, tendons, physical therapy
    AVELOX should be banned from use. I took it last spring for a sinus infection. After only three days it damaged the tendons in my feet and calves so b - 68% more...
    Kat22- over a year ago - in Avelox
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    Yasmin sore breasts, symptoms of anxiety, symptom checker, birth control pill, stomach problems
    Wow ~ I am so happy that I came across this website tonight. I started taking Yasmin a year ago and I am calling my doctor's office tomorrow to get of - 90% more...
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    Please be cautious about your "sore calves." This COULD be a symptom of blood clots in your legs (DVTs). Ask your doctor about being tested - 65% more...
    Okinawak- over a year ago
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    Lantus painful cramps, legs and feet, houston we have a problem, a1c, 4 months
    I have been taking 100 units of Lantus at night for the past 4 months. I have gained 25 pounds, my legs and feet are swelled up, my joints in my finge - 67% more...
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    Lamictal lamictal lamotrigine, blood test results, muscle ache, naproxin, loss of memory
    I've been on 200 mg Lamictal for 2 months now, after 4 month titration up from 25mg; Going off Lithium 900mg titration to 450mg this week. Since 1st d - 96% more...
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    Mirena delivering a baby, crazy thing, appt, sex drive, rash on
    HI had the mirena for 4 weeks. It was the worst 4 weeks of my life. The insertion hurt so bad I felt like I was delivering a baby. They had to dilate - 79% more...
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    Levaquin groin area, doctor tomorrow, moderate pain, upper leg, muscle pain
    I took levaquin for 2 weeks to treat a infection, i am 26 years old and have never had muscle pain for longer than a couple days after working out...n - 66% more...
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    I took levaquin for ten days when the muscle pain in my calves started, making it difficult to walk. It's been three weeks since my doctor told me to - 37% more...
    Sarnum38- over a year ago
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    should I stop the medicine
    3rd day on Levaquin soreness in calves of both legs; difficult to go up ramp and painful to walk
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    Diovan diovan hct, withdrawal headache, low back pain, numbness of feet, legs and feet
    Have been taking Diovan HCT for 2 1/2 years increasing dosage to 320 mg. Good control of blood pressure, but have developed severe pain in low back an - 81% more...
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    Yasmin severe mood swings, regular periods, breast pain, greasy hair, clearer skin
    I am a 26 yr old newly married woman and have been using Yasmin for 7 months. I've experienced really sharp breast pain and sore calves occasionally w - 76% more...
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    Yasmin loss of libido, spider veins, personal experience, hair loss, pills
    okinawak so sorry to hear about your daughter. All I can relate to you guys is my personal experience. I was on Norimin for a couple of years from the - 87% more...
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    Yaz potassium levels, testosterone levels, anxiety attacks, brouchure, testosterone
    Yaz increases your potassium levels, SO DO NOT eat anything with Potassium or take any medications that will increase your potassium. You will over lo - 84% more...
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    Yaz oral contraceptive, pmdd symptoms, muscle spasms, sex drive, libido
    Hi all! I'm 22 and will be starting on my 3rd Yaz cycle...I have noticed a few things about this drug...My PMDD symptoms have seemed to decline quite - 87% more...
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    Levaquin nerve conduction study, stomach noises, tendon ruptures, sinus infection, nerve damage
    Update on my post of Aug. 11th. I did see a neurologist who was a bit skeptical, but after looking it up did acknowledge that this drug can cause tend - 90% more...
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    I to have pain in my feet, hands shoulders and calves. I experienced the first set of pain when I stepped out of bed on Aug 12 2006. I have now looked - 85% more...
    Pstps- over a year ago
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    Levaquin doctor tomorrow, m 47, ankles, 100 years, hips
    I've been taking Levaquin for about 3 weeks. Last week, suddenly, every joint in my body started aching. I mean from my neck, hands, hips, knees, ankl - 77% more...
    Jimmyjam7- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Levaquin
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    My problems started when I was given a prescription for Levaquin at the ER for treatment of a diverticulitis attack. I was not told of any side effect - 93% more...
    Okieteapot- over a year ago
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    Levaquin metal taste, nitrofurantoin, calf muscle, chelation treatment, uti
    I was prescribed 500 mg Levaquin for 5 days for a uti. After two days I got a cramp in my left calf muscle. It's been 2 weeks now. My UTI still remain - 83% more...
    Wyle- over a year ago - in Levaquin
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    Hip, leg, calf pain, been on Hydrea 10 years, has anyone else experience this?
    My husband has been on Hydrea for 10 years for PV and ET (MPD blood disorders). He is now have serve, at times, pain in his hips legs and calves, some - 31% more...
    Sfarms- over a year ago - in Hydrea
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    I can't stop ITCHING
    I have been taking Furosemide 20 MG (AKA LASIX GENERIC) for almost 2 months now, and the swelling in my legs, ankles and calves have gone down so much - 84% more...
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    Yaz stomach pain, physical act, sex drive, 5 months, thighs
    I started taking Yaz 1.5 months ago. During the first pack I saw little to no side effects, period lasted 4 days and was drastically lighter than befo - 80% more...
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