1. link Misscox2
    Guaifen-C sinus infection, medication, zombie
    Misscox2- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  2. link Raidersfan209x
    Guaifen-C i cant sleep, go to sleep, ive been, nasua, stomache
    It doesnt cause a lose in appetite for me but ive been taking it a week now and i cant sleep and been real nasua and not wanting to do what i uselly w - 58% more...
    Raidersfan209x- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  3. link Bob9bent
    Guaifen-C bleeding in the brain, answer to prayer, guaifen, decongestant, stroke
    I was prescribed guaifen for fluid in my ears. After the 1st day I stopped taking it at night because I could not sleep. It has been an answer to pray - 68% more...
    Bob9bent- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  4. link Mujakovich
    Guaifen-C sinus infection, chest congestion, loosing weight, doxycycline
    When I started I was on Doxycycline at the same time I am on both for 10 days for sinus infection and chest congestion I Get really dizzy I have injur - 51% more...
    Mujakovich- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  5. link Cmschiavone
    Guaifen-C guaifen, dry nose, cause nosebleeds, congestion
    The only side effect I have experienced with Guaifen is a decrease in appetite. I have otherwise been fine, and the pills have been working perfectly - 51% more...
    Cmschiavone- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  6. link Huero60
    Guaifen-C cause constipation
    Can this drug cause constipation does anyone know?
    Huero60- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  7. link Dkwac
    Guaifen-C sinus infection, tremor, anxiety
    I've been taking 1/2 a pill 2X daily for 7 days so far for a sinus infection- is this stuff supposed to increase anxiety? I feel like I'm buzzing, can - 55% more...
    Dkwac- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  8. link Flassing
    Guaifen-C fainting, wet washcloth, bathroom floor, felt cold, vaginal bleeding
    After taking Guafin I felt cold, clammy, faint, and then had vaginal bleeding with cramps. I felt so poorly that I was lying on the bathroom floor wit - 49% more...
    Flassing- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  9. link Dfraftis
    Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride guaifen pse er tablets, guaifen pse er, dry cough, enlarged prostate, dificult
    I took prescription under name of guaifen pse er tablets on 5/24/04 28 tablets-Itook 14 7 days one every 12 hrs 120 mg. I was being treaded for a dry - 69% more...
    Dfraftis- over a year ago - in Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride
  10. link Ridesnow72
    Guaifen-C health insurance, dangerous drug, allergic reaction, drug companies, chemists
    After reading these entries, I believe this is a dangerous drug and should be outlawed. I took it for congestion and have had and awful allergic react - 61% more...
    Ridesnow72- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  11. link Sara2063
    Guaifen-C sick to death, lose weight, cough, hacks, one pill
    I took one pill and coughed my head off the rest of the evening--worse than the day before I took the pill!! That night I went to sleep okay, but woke - 72% more...
    Sara2063- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  12. link Helzein
    i felt less pressure, but i couldnt sleep at all
    Helzein- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  13. link Tres842
    Guaifen-C dry mouth, congestion, insomnia
    Dry mouth, trouble sleeping and feeling a little high in the day. Decided to take it once a day in the morning instead of twice a day because it did h - 11% more...
    Tres842- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  14. link Katie.wesley
    Guaifen-C wide awake, sinus
    felt like my head was tingling, very dry sinus and mouth, constant coughing when I laid down, and wide awake at 3:00 am
    Katie.wesley- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  15. link Queen1628
    Hello, I just started taking the medicine, and also noticed that I have been extremely hyper, and cannot sleep at all. I am also very hot, and the cou - 28% more...
    Queen1628- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  16. link Ejpotente
    Guaifen-C inability to sleep, dry mouth
    Some dry mouth but tolerable, but the worst aspect is the inability to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night and lie there for two hours. This h - 37% more...
    Ejpotente- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  17. link Lynbob
    Guaifen-C sore throat, medicines, herbs, interactions, vitamins
    It sure works great for me. I think you have to know the interactions bewteen what ever medicines or herbs/vitamins you are also taking. It stopped my - 25% more...
    Lynbob- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  18. link Muaddib9
    Guaifen-C miscarriage
    I believe this drug caused my wife to have a miscarriage. DON'T take this drug...the side effects are too many and too dangerous.
    Muaddib9- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  19. link Dantana
    Guaifen-C sinus infection, throat doctor, sore throat, dry mouth, headache
    I am having the worst headache of my life, no appetite, can't sleep, and horrible dry mouth, and worst of all i dont feel any better, still coughing h - 43% more...
    Dantana- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  20. link Milkmenstomp
    Guaifen-C sinus headaches, perscribed, mail, aol
    I felt very "high" i suppose couldnt sleep and also lost my appetite. I was perscribed to get rid of sinus headaches and pain and well to be - 43% more...
    Milkmenstomp- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C