1. link Proudmom0331
    Lupron loss of sex drive, interstitial cystitis, kidney stones, mood swing, cystitis
    My experience with Lupron has been an up and down hill battle. At first my symptoms were exaggerated for the first month or so. ( I have endometriosis - 89% more...
    Proudmom0331- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lupron
  2. link Keylimepie
    I also developed kidney stones while on Lupron. Did you take calcium supplements while on Lupron to reduce your risk of osteoporosis? The Lupron seems - 43% more...
    Keylimepie- over a year ago
  3. link Zada12
    Lisinopril kidney failure, class action suit, zpak antibiotics, father didn, suppositories
    I plan on suing Merck. I feel like I am dying. I have lost all quality of life. I can't see anymore, can't make out faces, never had this before takin - 90% more...
    Zada12- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  4. link Mmrhjr07
    Cipro swollen salivary glands, kidney stones, anxiety disorder, sudden onset, neck pain
    Sudden-onset anxiety disorder after first dose of third round in last year, chest pain, neck pain, abdominal pain, kidney stones (both sides), swollen - 29% more...
    Mmrhjr07- over a year ago - in Cipro
  5. link Emyrt
    Simvastatin mobility scooter, cholestrol, face value, good luck, thesis
    I have been on 40mg of Simvastatin for over a year. I noticed sporadically severe pains in the front of my foot. This would wake me in the middle of t - 78% more...
    Emyrt- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Simvastatin
  6. link Curly1
    I have been on simvastatin for a few years and had a kidney transplant last year. I thought every thing was going great until i started getting cramp - 76% more...
    Curly1- over a year ago
  7. link Helen950
    Levaquin advil, drs, poison, prednisone, old mother
    Helen950- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Levaquin
  8. link Sam2
    Nancy, I took something made by Newton Homeopathics. It is simply called Detoxifier. It reads "Helps support liver/kidney function to gently remo - 96% more...
    Sam2- over a year ago
  9. link Iamtlc
    Nadolol pitting edema, kidney pain, bilateral leg
    started nadolol a few weeks ago. symptoms began with bradycardia;then kidney pain began---felt like I got kicked in the back--even woke me up at night - 33% more...
    Iamtlc- over a year ago - in Nadolol
  10. link Wenwen
    Kidney failure
    will caffeine Anhydrous hurt your kidneys?
    Wenwen- over a year ago - in Caffeine Anhydrous
  11. link Alexno0505
    PredniSONE buffalo hump, stomach bloating, moon face, predisone, kidney disease
    I was put on 60 mg of it to start due to an autoimmune kidney disease. I am now 5 months into treatment and on 10 mg. My physical side effects include - 87% more...
    Alexno0505- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in PredniSONE
  12. link Shunta2005
    What type of kidney disease do you have? I was diagnosed with IGA nephropathy in 2008. I feel your pain. i was on 60mg when i started out and just rec - 25% more...
    Shunta2005- over a year ago
  13. link Jesselee25
    Warfarin Sodium cramps in lower abdomen, blood shot eye, pain killers, clexane, cold turkey
    ACL reconstruct: got 2 PE's: put on clexane and warfarin: got immediate fatigue, pain in right kidney that lasted 12 hours each days despite taking pa - 81% more...
    Jesselee25- over a year ago - in Warfarin Sodium
  14. link Diggert
    Simvastatin liver enzymes, kidney stones, acceptable levels, higher degree, secretion
    I have been on 20 mg of Simvastatin for 10 days, after a six month regimen of Actos to reduce secretion of liver enzymes to levels safe enough for sta - 79% more...
    Diggert- over a year ago - in Simvastatin
  15. link Jansunset
    Topamax anxiety and panic attacks, kidney stone, b vitamins, eye pressure, anxiolytic
    for me is a love-hate situation with Topamax ...I take it for both migraines and seizures and it works so much better than other meds I've tried over - 91% more...
    Jansunset- over a year ago - in Topamax
  16. link Imjoggin2010
    Lisinopril congestive heart failure, kidney failure, leg pains, heart failure, poision
    How has anyone weaned themselves off this junk? I am 60yrs old and was very physically active. Been on Lisinopril for about 6 months for HBP, congesti - 70% more...
    Imjoggin2010- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  17. link Countrylover1936
    Gout or kidney stones
    will taking too much slo-niacin cause gout or kidney stones
    Countrylover1936- over a year ago - in Slo-Niacin
  18. link Darkcloak
    Cipro anxiety attacks, pvcs, levaquin, bacterial infection, fatigue
    Taking this drug has been an experience but I thank God i do not have as severe of side effects as some. The most notable was unimaginable fatigue, PV - 71% more...
    Darkcloak- over a year ago - in Cipro
  19. link Altimastylist
    Topamax tingly fingers, diet coke, terrible thing, heartburn, appetite
    Started Topamax generic 100mg twice daily on 6/10/10. My doctor eased me onto it 1/2 a pill once a day for 3 days, then one pill once a day for 3 days - 81% more...
    Altimastylist- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Topamax
  20. link Cloakofstars
    Hi I've been on Topamax for approx 5 years & yes I too get heartburn but it all depends on when I take the pill. I take 100mg twice a day, the fir - 81% more...
    Cloakofstars- over a year ago
  21. link Sparky3045
    Lisinopril heart palpitations, kidney doctor, dizzy spells, dry cough, palps
    I am a 36 year old male who has been taking Lisinopril since 2001 for my kidneys, not because of blood pressure issues. (So I'm told.) I have had hear - 86% more...
    Sparky3045- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  22. link Disgustedwitharrogantdoctors
    Levaquin kidney doctor, fever and chills, kidney transplant, horrible drug, oral infection
    The total jackass of a doctor that has been my son's kidney doctor prescribed Levaquin for him. He mentioned he had taken it himself (he's healthy and - 96% more...
    Disgustedwitharrogantdoctors- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levaquin
  23. link Rayman1
    Lisinopril kidney damage, walmart, blood sugar, physiology, crap
    I have been taking Lisinopril for about two years. I have been having many of the symptoms described on this site by others. Every time I had a sympto - 88% more...
    Rayman1- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  24. link Connie17
    Lisinopril severe muscle cramping, lisinipril, kidney failure, leg cramps, water pill
    6/15/10 - I have taking lisinopril for years and taking celebrex for my arthritis, when my ins. co. said they would no longer pay for celebrex and wan - 91% more...
    Connie17- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  25. link Piggywiggy96
    Levoxyl menopause, general malaise, asleep at the wheel, extreme thirst, narcoleptic
    I had 1/2 my thyroid removed with a benign golf ball sized tumor 3 months ago. After 1 month, I was put on levoxyl. I have joint pain, cold and hot fl - 96% more...
    Piggywiggy96- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Levoxyl
  26. link Piggywiggy96
    Within 1 year of getting off of the levoxyl I was completely symptom free. My doctor reduced my dosage over a period of several months. Unfortunately, - 79% more...
    Piggywiggy96- over a year ago