Uptake inhibitors


  1. link Franadams
    Lisinopril ace inhibitor, ace inhibitors, mavik, lisopril, atenolol
    I have been taking Lisopril 10 mg. for only 4 days. Already I have felt terrible. The first 2 days I had so much fatigue and aching in my body - I fel - 83% more...
    Franadams- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  2. link Grillwerx
    Lisinopril terrified heart, heart attack, ace inhibitors, atenelol, blood pressure
    i posted a few post down about the allergy doc telling me to stop taking it.. its been about 4 days im off lisinopril and I can finally sleep again (n - 71% more...
    Grillwerx- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  3. link Esteban1
    Guaifen-C sinus infection, sinus relief, guaifen pse, first thing monday morning, bedtime
    I was prescribed Guaifen PSE 600-120 for a sinus infection. I took the first tablet at bedtime Friday night. I normally nod off in 2-3 minutes but her - 89% more...
    Esteban1- over a year ago - in Guaifen-C
  4. link Nellapuchi
    Yasmin potassium in the blood, potassium level, potassium loss, potassium balance, abnormal heart rhythm
    Potassium Buy The Book Print This Topic Email This Topic Pronunciations albuterol aldosterone angiotensin dialysis di - 98% more...
    Nellapuchi- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  5. link Umpta
    Lisinopril beta blockers, ace inhibitors, heart pounding, lisinoprol, atenolo
    Changed from Atenolol to Lisinoprol because of the new guidelines about beta blockers versus ACE inhibitors. Within 24 hours I was dizzy, weak, pains - 74% more...
    Umpta- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Lisinopril
  6. link Guest0222
    Lisinopril ace inhibitors, zestril, prinivil, generic drug, best of luck
    There is something seriously wrong with this generic drug, maybe quality control. It now has 68 pages of complaints, and continues to grow rather fast - 75% more...
    Guest0222- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  7. link Jacqit
    Lisinopril headaches and dizziness, ace inhibitors, ace inhibitor, postural hypotension, blood pressure
    I've been taking Ace inhibitors for several years. Started with captopril, another whose name I don't remember caused marked depression (the others di - 86% more...
    Jacqit- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  8. link Timpellize
    Toprol-XL water pills, catapress, norvask, lots of hair, water retension
    i have been taking toprol for three weeks and started itching like crazy hives every where , i was having bad head aches and started to loose lots of - 77% more...
    Timpellize- over a year ago - in Toprol-XL
  9. link Ericd
    Toprol-XL catheter ablation, angioneurotic edema, afib, toprol, cardiologist
    I had an afib attack a few years back & was diagnosed w/WPW. Had catheter ablation...afib returned 1 year later. I am now on flecanide for rhythm - 77% more...
    Ericd- over a year ago - in Toprol-XL
  10. link Alicam9
    Hypothyroidism and Yasmin side effects.
    Hi Flowerbabies, It is interesting that you have mentioned Hypothyroidism as I have often thought I have that. In the past I have had a thyroid blood - 94% more...
    Alicam9- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  11. link Olsen
    Lipitor mednet ucla, statin, proximal limb, weakness, myalgia myositis
    Perhaps you could print the following and take with you to your next appointment: Underappreciated Statin-Induced Myopathic Weakness Causes Disability - 94% more...
    Olsen- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  12. link Heart2heart
    Diovan olmesartan medoxomil, lisinopril, benicar, cause hair loss, drugs
    oh, great! (sarcasm)...i was switched to diovan after my previous meds (olmesartan medoxomil) sp?--it's known as benicar at the pharm--started causing - 90% more...
    Heart2heart- over a year ago - in Diovan
  13. link Jlgainer
    Maxidex negative side effects, maxide, ace inhibitor, ace inhibitors, muscle cramps
    I have been on Maxide for several years and have never experienced any negative side effects. Recently, my doctor said my potassium was low and put me - 75% more...
    Jlgainer- over a year ago - in Maxidex
  14. link Twogirlsmom
    Yasmin selective serotonin reuptake, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, paxil cr
    Thank you everyone for your posts. We are all in this together so I thought I would give you an update. Today I went back to the regular doc (not gyn) - 86% more...
    Twogirlsmom- over a year ago - in Yasmin
  15. link Cutsup74
    Lisinopril ace inhibitor, ace inhibitors, pcp, seizure, headaches
    Has anybody else experienced very bad headaches from this medication? I'm seeing my PCP tomorrow and telling him to take me off of Lisinopril and try - 76% more...
    Cutsup74- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  16. link Wallace445
    Zantac vitamin b12 deficiency, peripheral neuropathy, arsenic exposure, vitamin b 12, pernicious anemia
    peripheral neuropathy is my zantac "side" effect...the inability of your stomach to process Vitamin B12 is a common cause of peripheral neur - 94% more...
    Wallace445- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in Zantac
  17. link Bhick01
    Lotrel linsopril, ace inhibitors, finnaly, sore throat, swollen throat
    Bhick01- over a year ago - in Lotrel
  18. link Jtuckwin
    Lipitor ace inhibitors, beta blockers, heart attack, hamstrings, metoprolol
    In the evenings, my legs become exceedingly heavy feeling as I try to walk around the house or whatever. Also, I feel a hyperactive presence although - 71% more...
    Jtuckwin- over a year ago - in Lipitor
  19. link Jmcg2903
    Lisinopril low thyroid symptoms, zinc, thyroid function, google searches, googled
    I posted here in early Sept. about my problems with lisinopril. After reading other posts I started doing some google searches. Because a previous HBP - 90% more...
    Jmcg2903- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  20. link Trubrat494
    Lisinopril ace inhibitors, cozaar, high blood pressure, welts, forearms
    I started taking Lisinopril 4 weeks ago to control my high blood pressure. About a week later, I began to itch all over my body, but mostly on my fore - 74% more...
    Trubrat494- over a year ago - in Lisinopril