Heart problems


  1. link Lilmagill1
    Lisinopril cough drop, golf balls, hair loss, hypochondriac, glands
    i just made the latest entry (about the coughing) and don't want to sound like a hypochondriac but i am realizing some other effects that i've had the - 80% more...
    Lilmagill1- over a year ago - 411 Replies - in Lisinopril
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  4. link Lauraos
    Mirena extreme tiredness, mood swings, levonorgestrel, bloating, weight gain
    I am 3 weeks post removal and I am still experiencing aches and pains throughout my body, still have the 10lb weight gain, some mood swings and extrem - 79% more...
    Lauraos- over a year ago - 350 Replies - in Mirena
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  7. link Niamhs Nana
    Is this the mirena crash ?
    Hello , i have been trying to do some research on the Mirena to see if what is happening to me is due to it . I have had my mirena 5 years now and in - 87% more...
    Niamhs Nana- over a year ago - 397 Replies - in Mirena
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  11. link Platinum81
    Perforated uterus, Merina lost inside me...
    Has anyone else suffered from their coil ending up in their body cavity? All I can think is that the doctor that put it in said how long my cervix was - 79% more...
    Platinum81- over a year ago - 394 Replies - in Mirena
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  15. link Jessican
    One-A-Day Women kidney stone, one a day
    Does anyone get the side effect of kidney stone from taking the One-A-Day Women pill?
    Jessican- over a year ago - 351 Replies - in One-A-Day Women
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  18. link Mindy2010
    Avelox class action lawsuit, bronchitus, sinusitus, bone cancer, arms and legs
    I am a 43 year old female who, until I found this site, thought I was dying of bone cancer - I am not even kidding. I just finished the last of my 10 - 86% more...
    Mindy2010- over a year ago - 282 Replies - in Avelox
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  21. link Imnotlistening
    New to ADHD Meds
    I'm 23 years old, a grad student and have had ADHD since childhood but did not get a prescription for it until this week. My dr. prescribed adderall x - 87% more...
    Imnotlistening- over a year ago - 54 Replies - in Adderall XR
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  24. link Mkuroiwa
    Adderall XR losing my hair, freshman year, adderal, adderall, concerta
    I loved Adderall XR. I'm 18 and have been diagnosed with ADD since 2nd grade. I tried concerta during elementary school, but I'd get nauseous and dizz - 90% more...
    Mkuroiwa- over a year ago - 42 Replies - in Adderall XR
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  27. link Kloian1967
    Singulair heart palpitations, withdrawal symptoms, hallucinations, depression anxiety, mood swings
    I am currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Singulair. I feel like I have a horrible cold, I am having hallucinations, and am experiencing he - 64% more...
    Kloian1967- over a year ago - 318 Replies - in Singulair
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  29. link Macnagle
    Zithromax Z-Pak sinus infection, stomach pains, week 1, diarrhea, little bit
    I was prescribed the 5-day Z-pack for bronchitis and after two days I quit taking it. I am not psychologically and emotionally perfect (who is) but th - 89% more...
    Macnagle- over a year ago - 351 Replies - in Zithromax Z-Pak
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