CONDITIONS: Chronic Pain


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    Risperdal stole my soul
    I was given risperadol during a hospital stay because I had insomnia. It figures that I never have ever taken medication and I always research things - 89% more...
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    A patient speaks: Risperdal reproached! There are two kinds of antipsychotics the 50 year old tried and tested inexpensive *typical* antipsychotics li - 87% more...
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    Singulair doug bremner, leukotriene receptors, breaking story, neural systems, parallels
    I read these posts and regarding my being quoted as saying that it is unclear whether there are leukotriene receptors in the brain, that isn't true, t - 82% more...
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    Thank you so much for coming here and clarifying your quote. I was happy to hear that you felt that you weren't deliberately misquoted. I was a little - 97% more...
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    Singulair high risk populations, j douglas bremner, gayatri iyer, neuroscience research unit, leukotriene receptors
    I thought everybody would be interested to know about the researcher from Emory that commented on possible psychiatric side effects of Singulair if le - 96% more...
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    Singulair high risk populations, gayatri iyer, kirksville missouri, exercise induced asthma, allergy drug
    Update about my post about the Chinese researchers who reported leukoteine receptors in the brain. There were a few people who misunderstood what I wa - 98% more...
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    Topamax medication, imitrex, neuroscience research, carbonated beverages, absolutely nothing
    I have been on topamax for almost a year now. I had been having a nearly constant migraine cycle for three months which had to be broken with migranol - 91% more...
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