1. link Castaway
    LisinoPril Sux
    Been on this crap for about 4 years. Actually, (Lisinop/HCTZ) generic. Hospitalized twice because of it. Many MANY bad side effects that have basicall - 78% more...
    Castaway- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Lisinopril
  2. link Biglip
    BigLip- This is a reply to Castaway and Helplesslady, I have experienced all of the symptoms and to add on i have had pancreatitis, alopecia, swollen - 27% more...
    Biglip- over a year ago
  3. link Goatfarm
    Lisinopril and pancreatitis
    I took this med for over one year. I had dry coughs and stomach pain followed by a visit to the restroom after taking the 10mg daily. I did not associ - 78% more...
    Goatfarm- over a year ago - in Lisinopril
  4. link Summers
    Gardasil high school freshman, extreme nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, nausea vomiting, vomiting and diarrhea
    Like many of the other stories my daughter was a happy healthy 14 year old high school freshman prior to receiving the Gardasil vaccine. Now she is ch - 89% more...
    Summers- over a year ago - 4 Replies - in Gardasil
  5. link Laracheerful
    Well I would encourage you all to file a lawsuit with the Vaccine Compensation, We have not gotten a decision yet and it has been 4 years. My daughter - 89% more...
    Laracheerful- over a year ago
  6. link Hougasfam5
    Gardasil fun school, vicodine, gastroenterologist, severe abdominal pain, colonoscopy
    I am a mother of a beautiful 11 year old girl, who was a healthy 10 year old little girl until she got her second Gardasil shot! She received her shot - 95% more...
    Hougasfam5- over a year ago - 5 Replies - in Gardasil
  7. link Laracheerful
    Well I would encourage you all to file a lawsuit with the Vaccine Compensation, We have not gotten a decision yet and it has been 4 years. My daughter - 89% more...
    Laracheerful- over a year ago
  8. link Rippedacl
    Lisinopril acute pancreatitis, medical publications, good health
    My father-in-law passed away 9 days after being diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and about 3 weeks after he began taking Lisinopril. He was in relati - 75% more...
    Rippedacl- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  9. link Cnu
    i agree. i think it does cause pancreatitis. i wasnt sick and dont drink and now im horribly ill...all since starting lisinopril. a doctor even told m - 54% more...
    Cnu- over a year ago
  10. link Daking102003
    Lisinopril pancreatitis, second stage, emergency patient, gallstone, alcohol
    My husband was on lisinopril since May. Three weeks ago he was admitted to the hospital as an emergency patient with acute severe pancreatitis. Doctor - 75% more...
    Daking102003- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Lisinopril
  11. link Cnu
    i had only been on it for a few months and didnt feel well while on it and have been deathly ill since with pancreatitis. i didnt take any meds before - 57% more...
    Cnu- over a year ago
  12. link Tomtom999
    62 Year old male Type II 10+ years metformin in gradually increasing doses for last 4 years up to 2000 mg daily then added Januvia 50 mg 2x day.From b - 86% more...
    Tomtom999- over a year ago - in Januvia
  13. link Harvesterbornagain
    PredniSONE acid reflux, knee problem, joint pain, rash, stairs
    I was given 20 mg of Prednisone for 10 days for a rash and joint pain. The pain went away and I felt great the rash got a little better. Two days ago - 85% more...
    Harvesterbornagain- over a year ago - 45 Replies - in PredniSONE
  14. link Dcode87
    i am 41yrs old and just started taking prednisone 20mg once daily i have high blood pressure acid reflux and pancreatitis to boot! i wonder if i shoul - 25% more...
    Dcode87- over a year ago
  15. link Kelliebellie85
    NuvaRing severity, periods, thanksgiving, doctors, room 3
    I am not currently using nuvaring anymore because of a side effect I haven't really found anyone else experiencing. I would like to share my story and - 90% more...
    Kelliebellie85- over a year ago - 10 Replies - in NuvaRing
  16. link Jamwilli
    I was just released from the hospital after having acute pancreatitis. The docs never mentioned that the Nuva Ring could have been the cause. I was fo - 52% more...
    Jamwilli- over a year ago
  17. link Chiggin2
    I just made the connection of pancreatitis and Nuva Ring. I will be calling my doc tomorrow. I was hospitalized with pancreatitis for 7 days about 3 w - 69% more...
    Chiggin2- over a year ago
  18. link Hummerbabe
    Hummerbabe- over a year ago
  19. link Rxtechie
    Macrobid benign intracranial hypertension, dyspnea on exertion, fever chills, optic neuritis, peripheral neuropathy
    This is my 4th day on generic Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin mono 100mg) for a UTI, no problems except typical side effects like drowsiness and urine discol - 48% more...
    Rxtechie- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Macrobid
  20. link Pcworld08
    Be careful. From : Macrobid may have any of the following side effects or allergic reacti - 84% more...
    Pcworld08- over a year ago
  21. link Dive4far
    GlipiZIDE acute pancreatitis, stomach ache, insulin injections, calcium levels, metaglip
    I am a type 2 diabetic. My doc originally put me on metformin. My A1C never really came down much and after about a year, my doc put me on glipizide/ - 94% more...
    Dive4far- over a year ago - 3 Replies - in GlipiZIDE
  22. link Hummerbabe
    NuvaRing lipid metabolism, kidney failure, tryglycerides, nuva ring, daugther
    My healthy 19 year old daughter has almost died after using the nuvaring for the first time. She has developed acute pancreatitis, it has caused her a - 57% more...
    Hummerbabe- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in NuvaRing
  23. link Jenniferc209
    month long period
    i just started taking seasonique and i finished my first month of it and the 2nd day of my second month i started my period and it has lasted for a mo - 49% more...
    Jenniferc209- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Seasonique
  24. link Secalligaro
    stop the pill i am on the pill and i have so many problems...becareful you loss your hair...i have no pancreatitis, lossing my hair, weight gain, and - 15% more...
    Secalligaro- over a year ago
  25. link Secalligaro
    never had these problem till i started this pill
    Can this birth control pill cause pancreatitis.... i have had hair lost and bleed so much
    Secalligaro- over a year ago - in Seasonique
  26. link Ninabeena
    Warfarin Sodium blood cell count, white blood cell, anxiety attack, high white blood cell count, ercp
    I was told I have clots in my lungs 4 days ago after having something that was like an anxiety attack and having my mom drive me to the emergency room - 85% more...
    Ninabeena- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Warfarin Sodium
  27. link Foofurr2
    PredniSONE systemic inflammatory response, kidney infection, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, herniated disc, pancreatitis
    First time I was on prednisone I didn't think anything was wrong at all until I got a severe kidney infection which turned into sepsis and was hospita - 96% more...
    Foofurr2- over a year ago - in PredniSONE
  28. link Mnd
    need advice about yasmin please!!!
    does anyone know if pancreatitis could be a side effect of yasmin? i startied takin Yasmin/yaz in june of 07 after delivering my second child. after t - 81% more...
    Mnd- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Yasmin
  29. link Ndelacourt
    Omeprazole low blood pressure, stomach pains, dizziness, effects of low blood pressure, side effects of low blood pressure
    I am only on day 3, and am starting to experience dizziness and very low blood pressure (85/60). Normally I am 110/80. I still am feeling very bloated - 36% more...
    Ndelacourt- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Omeprazole
  30. link Tmsteward
    I had the EXACT same side effects of low blood pressure (88/59), bloating, and stomach pains. I only took Omeprazole for about 5-6 days on and off. I' - 75% more...
    Tmsteward- over a year ago