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    Has anyone with irreversible side effects from Lupron considered filing a class action lawsuit against Tap Pharmaceuticals??????? In a "nut" - 88% more...
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    My mother had a shot in Feb 2007 a week later she died on the way to the hospital. I can get her medical records together and the toxicology report an - 81% more...
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    medication-toxicology report
    if morphine shows up in this test, could that be caused from taking cheratussin AC for coughing problems? the doctor reading the test said that he was - 29% more...
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    Singulair gene expression profile, leukotriene antagonists, drug sensitivity, genetic reasons, montelukast
    Hopefully this will prove to the doubters that there are genetic reasons for the variation of efficacy and adverse side effective when taking Monteluk - 97% more...
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    This sounds very interesting. I am a researcher in a genetics lab dealing with chromosome deletions and we send samples to CHOP (Children's Hospital o - 85% more...
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    Lipitor statin drugs, physicians, educate yourself, devestating, statins
    The devestating side effects from statin drugs are now a world wide problem. Still, many physicians are uneducated about these side effects, and this - 67% more...
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    Question: Toxicology tests
    Is it possible to test positive for opiates seven days after Narcan was administered?
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