CONDITIONS: Varicose Veins


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    Yasmin and weight gain, anxiety and stress
    I started taking Yasmin in October 2011. It's my first week off of it, going to the doctor today to try another pill and discuss with her what was goi - 90% more...
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    Hi, How are you doing now? I was a healthy 32 year old who was slim and enjoyed exercise. After taking Yaz for a year, I started having bad swelling i - 79% more...
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    Yasmin withdrawal hell!
    Hi, thank you to everyone who has posted on this site. I was a healthy 32 year old who was slim and enjoyed exercise. I had been taking Yaz for about - 85% more...
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    Mirena pitting edema, polycycstic ovarian syndrome, lack of appetite, class action lawsuit, arms and legs
    I am so relieved to have found this site. I suffer from PCOS (Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome). I am also morbidly obese, but I have been on a diet for 3 - 92% more...
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    Hi Tara~ I had mine inserted in Nov. 2010 (6 weeks after my son was born). In January 2010 I started getting severe pitting edema in my calves and ank - 89% more...
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    bearly made it back to urgent care and it was only 2 parkinglots away
    Was prescribed leviquin for sinus. Took dose in store and walked around the retail section for another 10 minutes. Began walking to car in drugstore p - 76% more...
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    Lipitor statin drugs, high cholesteral, calf muscles, muscle twitches, cramps
    I'm a 44 year old male. I was on Lipitor for four years and recently started having severe cramps in my thighs and calf muscles, severe dirrhea, sever - 91% more...
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    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother, however 87 and 92 are both very long lives. If I make it that long, I would be more than happy. I am not su - 91% more...
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    extreme sunburn....i cant walk
    so i think i fell asleep in the sun yesterday at the beach i didnt notice i was burnt till i got home. My leg s were burning so much i didnt have aloe - 87% more...
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    i have just got back from a holiday in spain and 2 days before i was due to come home,, i spent the day at the beach (around 4 hours). I felt sore fro - 80% more...
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    Orion - Well it seems I have fallen victim... Mine is only on the back of my leg's as I laid out doing office work at the beach with the family... I b - 92% more...
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    Yes I had a bad burn when I was about 19, but it also followed a normal course...nothing like this strange internal leg pain. This time, my shin pain - 88% more...
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    Mirena medication, confirmation, severe mood swings, pitting edema, bacterial vaginosis
    SIX HOURS POST REMOVAL- I had my mirena removed today after 3 years and nearly 3 months. My side effects included headaches, sore breasts, weight gain - 93% more...
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    I know it's been a while since this post, but I'm hoping I will get a reply. I had a lot of these symptoms, but the most concerning to me was the seve - 75% more...
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  15. link Monteria414

    Hi There~ Well I finally got this evil thing removed about 6 days ago. I am starting to feel somewhat better... I haven't had any headaches since, nor - 78% more...
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    Lantus leg cramping, thigh area, charlie horse, travels, sleep
    I have been on Lantus for about a month and I started having leg cramping on both legs which is really driving me crazy. It starts at the thigh area a - 54% more...
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    I suffered terrible cramps in my calves on Lantus, amongst many other side-effects. Was given medication from my GP, as it was getting difficult to wa - 59% more...
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    Yaz antidepressents, lexipro, antidepressent, thanksgiving holiday, kitchen table
    My daughter started taking YAZ birth control August 2007 and was starting her second year of college. Everything in her life was going well, she loved - 96% more...
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    just took my first yaz pill today, and 6 hours after i took it i have shortness of breath, pins and needles in my hands arms, calves and feet, i feel - 74% more...
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    Sinus infection and prescribed Avelox 400mg, made it 6 days
    I started taking Avelox after a Z-pak didn't help my sinus infection. I started feeling really tired and achey. It seemed to be helping my sinus infec - 74% more...
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    Hi My md had to give me a prednisone injection as my legs/calves and neck and shouder area were swelling up..after i stopped taking I got worse over t - 45% more...
    Foothill00lady- over a year ago
  22. link Foothill00lady
    AVELOX poisening is what I call it!!
    I was given Avelox for 10 days 1st pill I had sharp pains in my ankles and cold feet...didnt realize this was a side effect...took 3 more pills 1 each - 77% more...
    Foothill00lady- over a year ago - in Avelox
  23. link Confusedturtle
    I want it removed
    I had mirena put in back in April 2009. I had mild cramping similar to the begining stages of labor, but they went away and I even managed to take a k - 94% more...
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  24. link Ireneeee123
    am i going crazy or what?
    was prescribed this for chest infection..omg after 2 hrs i thought I was having a nervous breakdown!!, panic attack - heart pounding, shaking all over - 41% more...
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    can't believe this. having major chest pain, anxiety, bad thoughts, crying all the time. calves feel tight as hell. went back to MD today and complain - 23% more...
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    Simvastatin simvistatin, night sweats, leg pain, migraine headaches, sinus pain
    i have been taking simvistatin for two months and have been having severe night sweats .and daytime leg pain ,i put this down to back problem but only - 56% more...
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    2 years ago began having severe night sweats. Soaked night gown and linens. It was horrendous. Doctor did not put together these sweats with the Lipid - 81% more...
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    Simvastatin muscle and joint pain, withdrawal effects, blurry vision, walking stick, zocor
    I'm a 54 year old female prescribed 10 mg zocor(simvastatin) for slightly elevated cholesterol. Took it for 7 months before I clued in to the cause of - 85% more...
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    I am 71 years old. Took Zocor for 40 days and have been off for 12 days. I was so weak that I had difficulty stepping up or down on a curb. Muscle pai - 70% more...
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    Lisinopril forgetful person, skinny girls, hctz, negative comments, difficulty breathing
    I have been taking Lisinopril/HCTZ for quite some time now for my blood pressure and is the only medication I take. However I am a very forgetful pers - 94% more...
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