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    Mirena accessdata, doctors, fda, scripts
    I want to encourage everyone who has had problems and then found they have resolved once they've had their Mirena taken out to ask their doctor to fil - 74% more...
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    Singulair zyflo cr, symptoms of allergic rhinitis, exercise induced asthma, allergic rhinitis, zyflo
    From the FDA's "Updated Information on Leukotriene Inhibitors: Montelukast (marketed as Singulair), Zafirlukast (marketed as Accolate), and Zileu - 94% more...
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    It does not appear that Singulair was "black boxed". The following is from an Associated Press article: "FDA Flags Psychiatric Risks Of - 64% more...
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    Yaz peripheral vision, constant headache, vision loss, left eye, migraine
    my daughter has had loss of her peripheral vision in one eye...anyone else had this effect?
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    Iggys, My eyes dried out, and I lost the ability to wear my contacts, but I did not lose any vision. http://www.createforum.com/yasminsideeffec/viewto - 30% more...
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    Singulair mast cells, mast cell, dust mites, asthma sufferers, immune cells
    Why does Singulair cause these symptoms? I am going to give my explanation which is only a HYPOTHESIS. This should not be categorized as any thing but - 98% more...
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    what do you think about this article??? http://www.docguide.com/news/content.nsf/news/8525697700573E1885256AFF0058640B?OpenDocument&id=48DDE4A73E0 - 85% more...
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    Levaquin shoulder pain, pain killer, motrin, cold day, six days
    I was prescribed Levaquin 750mg for a cough and cold. Day 6, the day after my last pill, my shoulders started to hurt. I took Motrin which did not hel - 74% more...
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    For a cough and cold??!! That really helps to highlight "scripting abuse". What type of a doctor was this? I would hope a first year med stu - 62% more...
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    Mirena mirena ius, effects of progesterone, spontaneous changes, mood swings, twenty four hours
    P03.16 Idiosyncratic Reaction to Mirena IUS A Cause for Early Removal - Case Report Sivarajan, S; Aung, SN; Haloob, R Basildon University Hospital, UK - 93% more...
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    Singulair horrible nightmares, asmanex, tylenol pm, urine sample, back of my mind
    My 13 yr old daughter was put on Singulair along with Asmanex and Clarinex for her asthma about 6 weeks ago. Everything seemed to be going very well a - 95% more...
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    It is stories like yours that really highlight the immediate need to get the word out about these dangerous side effects. I hope you will file a repor - 73% more...
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    Singulair asthma medicine, brain function, anxiousness, suicidality, medical situation
    Here's a way out theory about my unique and to me mystifying medical situation.... I recently read where Singulair, an asthma medicine, is suspected o - 83% more...
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    Cipro dangerous drug, ciprofloxacin, rash on, doctors, breakthrough treatment
    Ciprofloxacin is a highly dangerous drug and should be banned. My son (18) has developed twitching, jerking movements which came on a month or so afte - 76% more...
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    Mirena birth control pill, accupuncture, giving birth, gyn, insomnia
    I am 35 yrs old. My son was born 7/2/6 I got the Mirena inserted on 8/31/06. Right after I had my son. My body doesn't react well to the birth control - 89% more...
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    Heather, take a look at this site : http://curezone.com/forums/f.asp?f=713 you can find many women there who have gotten the mirena removed and keep e - 82% more...
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    Yasmin mitral valve prolapse, symptoms of mitral valve prolapse, anxiety symptoms, anxiety disorders, anxiety disorder
    Anxiety and Psychiatric Disorders Magnesium deficiency causes increased levels of adrenaline, which can lead to a feeling of anxiety. Rats who become - 95% more...
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    Levaquin impingement syndrome, upper thighs, flu, levoquin, shoulder pain
    on day 4 of a 5-day dose of 750mg....I experienced intense shoulder pain in both shoulders---later diagnosed as impingement syndrome for which I need - 77% more...
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