1. link Rofang
    buy some for research
    Hi, Where can I get some renografin-76 for research popurse? Thanks a lot!
    Rofang- over a year ago - in Renografin-76
  2. link Marilynhassett
    Renografin-60 headache
    i had a mylogram 6 days ago and have had a severe headache since.
    Marilynhassett- over a year ago - in Renografin-60
  3. link Fishbuge55
    almost died from renografin-60 injection into the thecal sac
    yes i was in a drug induced coma for 6 days and in icu for 14 days. went in for a ct-mylogram of the cervical (neck area) and it has been almost 6 mon - 45% more...
    Fishbuge55- over a year ago - in Renografin-60
  4. link Kenarianne
    Renografin-60 heart beat, blood pressure, intensive care, dramatically
    The first time Renografin-60 was used on me, I sneezed about 20-25 times. The next time my blood pressure dropped dramatically, my heart beat extremel - 43% more...
    Kenarianne- over a year ago - in Renografin-60
  5. link Rjtracy
    Renografin-60 pain in groin area, heart catherization, pain in groin
    I was injected with Renografin intermuscularly instead of Xyocaine during a Heart Catherization procedure. Have experienced pain in Groin area ever si - 3% more...
    Rjtracy- over a year ago - in Renografin-60