1. link Thymesgate
    Levoxyl and milk
    I just began taking the lowest dosage of Levoxyl. I take it first thing each morning with plenty of water and wait 4+ hours before taking my vitamin s - 70% more...
    Thymesgate- over a year ago - 2 Replies - in Levoxyl
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    The active ingredient in Levolyl, Synthroid and other thyroid hormone replacement drugs is L-thyroxin. In that respect, all thyroid hormone replacemen - 74% more...
    Anlarada- over a year ago
  3. link Lome4
    Eltroxin britian, drip, depression, cramps in legs, feeling unwell
    I started Eltroxin/Levothyroxin a month ago. I was warned about side effects to my eyes which started watering and stinging then my nose started to dr - 69% more...
    Lome4- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Eltroxin
  4. link Mickles2
    I too have been feeling unwell over the past few months and did not understand why I have recently asked my doctor to re assess my meds and do bloods, - 82% more...
    Mickles2- over a year ago
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    effect my tsh
    I have been on thyroxin and have been having no problems but recently for the second time this year have had a seerious case of flu and wa s given Cip - 80% more...
    Jeank412- over a year ago - in Levothyroxine Sodium
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    Wellbutrin sr100, thyroxin, hypothyroidism, mcg, weight gain
    hi, iam taking welbuteron sr100 mg for 6 months i feel weight gain iam very upset and i dont know whether it is the side effect of welbuteron or any o - 38% more...
    Farhats_2000- over a year ago - 1 Reply - in Wellbutrin
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    Heparin Sodium heparin injection, l thyroxin, furosimide, sertaline, sertraline
    My granny got 1 heparin injection in her arm, and she starts having episode of shaking arms. Is that heparin injection side effect. Shes also taking o - 53% more...
    Irene_juen- over a year ago - in Heparin Sodium
  8. link Helen398
    Levoxyl nuclear medicine department, thyroid, sodium, withdrawal, resistance exercise
    I have experienced 13 years of hell with Levothyroxine, which is pure sodium. Everything in the body from skin to internal organs are affected by shri - 95% more...
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