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  1. link 1douglas1
    Seldane-D seldane, stamina, marathon, old man
    I took Seldane one day in April 1992. The same day I went out to jog, and after about 1/4 mile, I was panting and wheezing like I'd run a marathon. Un - 72% more...
    1douglas1- over a year ago - in Seldane-D
  2. link Jcooper
    Seldane-D taken off the market?
    I am a medical transcriptionist and the doctor has listed Seldane-D in the list of medications for this patient. The best I can find, it has been disc - 27% more...
    Jcooper- over a year ago - in Seldane-D
  3. link Tblaval
    Long term side-effects from seldane?
    I am 37 years old. I took Seldane D from around age 23 to 28. Can this be affect my blood pressure, which went up ( From 112/57 to @ 132/80) around th - 54% more...
    Tblaval- over a year ago - in Seldane-D
  4. link Mbell222
    found some of these
    Mbell222- over a year ago - in Seldane-D
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