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  1. link Anon.kapes
    does anyone know Select-OB + DHA contains animal products?
    Does the select-OB+DHA gelatin capsule is made out of animal ingredients?
    Anon.kapes- over a year ago - in Select-OB
  2. link Mccorma
    Select-OB Supplement Facts
    What are all the ingredients and quantities of each including % Daily Value?
    Mccorma- over a year ago - in Select-OB
  3. link Fawnkd
    Select-OB food taste, prenatal vitamin, dawn
    I just started using this prenatal vitamin and I was wondering if there are anyside effects I have had this awful taste and feeling in my mouth and fo - 32% more...
    Fawnkd- over a year ago - in Select-OB
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