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  1. link Mojan100
    Serax horney, medication
    I'm very horney since I started this medication 8 days ago.
    Mojan100- over a year ago - in Serax
  2. link Azbruisers2
    Can't find Serax, only the generic that doesn't work
    My wife has taken (prescribed) Serax for the last 4 years. It appears that this product is not being manufactured anymore. We haven't been able to fin - 64% more...
    Azbruisers2- over a year ago - in Serax
  3. link Macmanagement2000
    Serax maddam, desprate, libertysurf, dear sir, tricia dear sir or maddam, please help. i have been on this tablet for 7 years , my own gp is ignoring the fact wat side afe - 65% more...
    Macmanagement2000- over a year ago - in Serax
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